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Top 4 Out of the Box Online Food Delivery Business Ideas For Restaurant Startups


For those who want to run a successful food online food delivery startup, food profit margins have always been a concern and this is why it is important to get multiple incomes for your startup. Also, one of the main problems with food delivery startups is the delivery expenses. The delivery charge should make sense that consumers should consider its value for money.

Online Food Delivery Business Ideas For Restaurant Startups

One of the most effective ways to keep delivery costs under control is that you need to deliver at the same time. The following are major revenue processes that can include a startup like yours:

1. Online Advertising

Using Google AdWords can be a great way to earn well through advertising. If you still haven’t realized your ability to generate revenue through online advertising, Zomato may be an eye opener for you. Zomato recently published its FY18 Annual Report and the numbers are huge due to its proficient food delivery application.

Zomato’s total revenue was $ 74, and its total revenue of $ 62 comes from advertising. We all know that Zomato started out as a restaurant salon restaurant reviewer and collector, and he still earns big revenue from advertising.

With AdWords, you can create anything between $ 1 and $ 25 for every 1000 visitors. For example,, a low-to-medium number of monthly traffic for June 2017 – earns 44,074 visitors, $ 186.24 USD. Therefore, you should make your food delivery application or website more AdSense friendly so that you can make good money from Google’s advertising.

2. Offline Advertising

You may display ads from other companies on your food package. Advertisement of your food and beverage delivery software as well as ad pallet can be served. This marketing is known as pamphlet entry and is a traditional method of marketing. So, you can promote your other business by making a pump pallet with your food order and making money from advertising,

It’s always a good idea to choose the business you are going to distribute the pamphlet for. Assuming you have a healthy diet and started delivery, it would be a good idea to distribute a pamphlet for a gym or yoga class because it shows that you are serious about your business ethics.

3. Strategic Partnerships

People who are opening a restaurant or kitchen can sign up to your star for a very low fee. Although your food distribution business is large-scale, targeting big restaurant brands or food shops will not be a smart decision.

Your main objective is to develop a partnership base so that you can slowly learn about the marker, so choosing the small kitchen or restaurant opener will be the right decision with the help of last mile food delivery system.

4. Commission Percentage

When food begins to be an offline food delivery, you can contribute to the restaurant at a predetermined rate based on the quality of the food. If the restaurant you are registering with is already popular and has the correct order volume, then your cut should be less. Why? It’s easy – you can get regular order volume from that restaurant.

On the other hand, if a restaurant rant is not so popular and there is a low order quantity, then your commission should be higher.


Identifying the goal for your start is the main ladder you need to cross. For online food start-up business, order, cook, delivery, focuses on three things. With these ideas you can conquer last mile food delivery challenges, additionally with cleanliness and taste have to be maintained. I hope this article affects your thinking differently. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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