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Smart home startups that changed our lives


Homes have undergone a transformation in recent years, turning from a place with minimal technology integration to a haven of automated systems proven to help boost the health, wellbeing, safety and happiness of those who live inside them. Smart home devices have been a recent development, but they have come a long way since they first came out. From phone-controls smart locks and cameras to art that entertains, smart home devices can serve a variety of purposes for consumers.

Smart Home Tech Startups

In order to take a deeper look into the companies and products changing the idea of what it means to have a smart home, the team at The Zebra took a deep dive into some of the most game-changing devices, and how much of an impact these companies had on the market. They also used this information to make predictions about what trends are up next in the smart home space, so that consumers can be ahead of the curve when it comes to the gadgets inside their home.

More utilitarian devices such as Nest and Cocoon, help consumers save money and get peace of mind. Nest, a smart thermostat, turns off the AC while no one is home and kicks it back on at the touch of a button, meaning that homeowners can set it to their exact schedule. This not only helps save money on the energy bill, but this smart tech actually helps the environmental footprint of the home as well. Cocoon is a security device that the consumer sets up inside the home, which monitors indoor activity and alerts the homeowner via smart phone whenever it detects movement inside the house. This is especially useful to residents who travel a lot, as they can get more peace of mind being able to monitor their home from anywhere in the world.

But not all tech is only functional. Some tech takes a more holistic approach to how it benefits the user, providing entertainment and tracking health in unique ways. Devices like Awair track the quality of air in the home, alerting users to carbon monoxide leaks and other dangerous pathogens, a growing problem in cities across the globe. Meanwhile, apps like Innit connect directly to smart appliances, letting you control them on the move and even providing personalized recipe recommendations depending on the users taste preferences and health history.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn even more about the 12 devices (and startups) that have helped transform everyday items in your home, and make sure your new and expensive tech is protected with home insurance so that you can focus on taking advantage of all the benefits these products have to offer.


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