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7 Performance Marketing tips for Tech Startups


Marketing and sales are vital to the success of any tech company. That’s not something new! But let’s face it that budget matters. Not all companies have the resources to do what some of the biggies do. For instance, Salesforce and Tableau each spent a whopping 53% of their revenue on sales and marketing in 2014, while Constant Contact spent 38% and Manhattan Associates 12%. But before you laugh or throw your hand up in despair, there are marketing strategies for tech companies that can keep you competitive — and successful.

We have shortlisted seven top-performance marketing tips that help tech startups in generating high-quality leads and staying ahead of the competition. 

Devise the Buyer Persona

With regards to performance marketing, you are presented with two choices: your business and your customers. This is the point at which you put resources into the marketing channels to overcome any barrier between the business and the customers. So how would you elevate your tech business to a targeted audience of people? This is the place where you really want to put resources into creating the apt buyer persona as it will be the most substantial step in marketing your tech startup

For creating the best buyer persona, you need to get your hands on some of the basic information of your clients or prospect clients. This might include: 

  • Age
  • Name
  • Area
  • Pay
  • Work
  • Their requests
  • How they search for items and services on the web
  • The social media platforms they are now utilizing

When you assemble this data effectively from the clients, you can zero in on the right marketing strategy for your business and help you generate more high-yielding leads. There is sufficient proof, which reinforces that the right client persona is fundamental for each cutting-edge business. When a tech startup is involved, it becomes even more imperative since numerous IT specialists have effectively joined the fad to offer their services to clients from all over the globe.

Update Your Blog

No matter if your tech startup has effectively cut a solid standing for itself, still you would have to keep updating your blog on a routine basis to stay ahead of the competition. To seek information or details about your company, the millennial clients will filter through a portion of the blog entries prior to buying your services. 

Regardless of the type of tech services they need, they would need to understand what is being sold out there. This implies that you need to purchase guest posts, broaden your horizon, and put resources into the advancement of your startup by teaming up with different social platforms, including on-site and off-site blogs. 

Never disregard the power of a well-written and convincing blog post, since it will ultimately attract a gigantic targeted audience to your site. Particularly when a tech startup is involved, you need to give something convincing to the targeted audience for them to realize what is out there. Your posts ought to be techy, they should discuss the advancement of innovation and how your business is utilizing it to oblige to the necessities of the clients. 

Streamline Your Content

If your site shows up at the top of the relevant search results, you will get an amazing number of site visitors without any problem. This is the point at which it becomes easier to change those visitors into long-term clients. It is so because they are keen to know and experience what you bring to the table.

However, the competition in the industry is at a record-breaking high, that is why you need to exceed everyone’s expectations to stick out. The initial step on the stepping stool ought to be to put the right resources into keyword research. With this, you get to know what your targeted audience is searching for. As a tech startup, it is ideal to put resources into long-tail keywords. Moreover, improving your content and making it more relevant to technology and its various aspects, yields the best results. 

Never Overlook the Power of Personalized Emails

To get even closer to your target audience, it is suggested that you utilize customized messages and emails. The outcome will justify itself. As a startup, you want to put in any amount of work since the email marketing plan has changed throughout the long term. 

As per ongoing research, around 26% of customized emails are much prone to getting attention. Consequently, an important step is to put relevant stuff into your customized emails that the targeted audience needs to hear.

Seek Help from Influencer Marketing

Tech startups frequently look to other people who are specialists in their field while assessing new steps to buy and execute. Tech startups are progressively cooperating with influencers to up their credibility and web-based media reach. Be that as it may, organizations today battle just to be seen or heard in the midst of the steady commotion of others attempting to market and sell their products or services. Tech startups are likewise turning out to be progressively more astute and more desensitized to the marketing they get every day.

In that capacity, they are turning out to be more dependent on others whom they trust to spread the word about their credibility and relevance. This passes on an incredible chance for tech startups to use influencers, who have gathered a devoted following and validity inside the industry, to market to big business leaders.

Content Marketing

Research shows that 71% of organizations are presently taking business-related decisions after a careful study and over 80% of customers look for the services, their previous results, and overall reviews on the web prior to purchasing. To acquire the attention of these groups, put significant effort into online journals, reports, eBooks, and whitepapers early and continue to disseminate them to the relevant audience. Plan a decent content marketing strategy for your startup that draws in your targeted audience. Produce and devise tech-related content that is extraordinary and new for your target audience. 

Gauge The Results 

Investing big amounts of energy and cash into performance marketing is crucial. Yet, you must be certain that these endeavors are bringing the desired results for your tech startup.

Obviously, the outcomes you’re searching for will rely upon your objectives as a business. Most organizations do so for the following reasons:

  • Brand awareness
  • Building a targeted audience of people
  • Generation Leads 
  • Obtaining clients
  • Sealing new deals 

Whatever your objectives are for performance marketing, how would you gauge achievement or disappointment? It’s fundamental to quantify results since this is the manner by which you can further develop your performance marketing strategy. 

Ensure that you’re ready to quantify results on marketing channels like online media, email, web indexes. 


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