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How do you get students motivated to do their homework?

Are you frustrated about getting the homework done regularly? Looking for sources to get out of this frustration? Then you are in the right place. We know that students will achieve more academically if they consistently complete their homework and who fails to do will definitely falter.

Being a teacher or a parent, you seek your students to cherish benefit out of good work habits. Moreover, effective homework strategies indulge responsibility and self- discipline in addition to confidence and motivation. Here, we had outlined some reasons why students don’t do their homework regularly. What to do in such situations and tips to get your children organized and develop efficient work habits.

Reasons why students fail to do homework:

If a student frequently fails to finish their homework, there may be many reasons behind, and sometimes it may out of control. What they are undergoing at home should be considered without fail. Understanding the root cause of the problem may help you to get things done.

  • Lack of understanding & consistency
  • No positive idols or unavailability of parents
  • Part-time jobs or a troubled home life
  • Watching TV
  • More Concentration towards gadgets and social media
  • Constant Disruptions

Motivational tips to make students do their homework:

Although it may be a challenging task, with the right kind of approach, you can overcome this frustration and can make students complete their homework.

Homework must be practiced:

Your students should understand that they are capable of doing their homework and so consistent practice should be enhanced. And also, this kind of practice will build confidence in them that they can complete their homework on their own without your help.

It isn’t fair to them to grapple through work they don’t fully comprehend. Even one time will drain their motivation for completing upcoming assignments. Homework is about practice, progress, and building confidence.

Making them do repeatedly, may deepen the grooves and will make them think innovative. Involvement of parents while performing assignment can be adjustable, but it should not be a requirement.

Independent Work is Recommended:

Many teachers use to complain that, though students complete their homework thoroughly, they report that they don’t understand it clearly. This happens due to the culture of dependency in the classroom.

It’s because of too much involvement of teachers for their students. Buzzing around the room, re-teaching what was taught a few minutes back etc. are some of involvements. So independent practice is recommended to make sure that the students can entirely benefit out of homework.

As a result, their students become so habitual to receiving prompt, comprehensive, and personal help that when it’s time to truly do it on their own, which is normally at home, they are lost.

Homework can be personal:

Assign Homework that makes learning personal and enjoyable. Students will definitely enjoy the homework if it means something to them, like learning about their culture or community etc. These sorts of homework will make them think, and also will create a way for them to relate their lives with learning. These sorts of homework encourage and help students learn to appreciate what they are learning.

This type of homework can improve learning, and it helps students generate habits that will be brought them ahead of the classroom. By engaging in their interests, you can motivate them to do homework.

Utilize technologies:

Use technologies which can motivate them. Give students the opportunity to perform their homework online. Students will have a sort of eagerness when computer-based homework is assigned. Many websites, like,, and are interactive ways to keep children engaged.

In brainy students can find peer support, and they can ask and answer questions for homework completion.

Additional five crispy motivational tips :

  1. Clarify the purpose – Explain the purpose and its big picture with the students.
  2. Set the Expectations – On the very first day, set the expectations like how you grade homework & the consequences of missed assignments.
  3. Assign Regularly – Discover a manageable routine & have students record homework
  4. Provide clear instructions & build rapport & follow through.
  5. Talk more about interests and give meaning to their expectations.

Take Away:

You can recognize them or appreciate them for completing their work. Maintain a chart that records the students work each day and once the chart is filled up, appreciate them by giving away candies or something they love. As a teacher, you want to afford your students every way of the opportunity to succeed in both academically and personally. So try to implement these ideas and succeed in getting the students run in the right path.

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[…] You really have to start with the basics and provide the most comfortable study atmosphere for your child at home. Even if you cannot afford to have a separate room for the little one, you can surely organize a study area with a desk and cabinets where the books and other materials can be kept. It is essential for the place to be absolutely quiet and preferably without many people passing nearby. In this way, you can be certain that your child is going to concentrate on their homework much better. […]

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