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How Much Will It Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2022?


These days, companies know the worth of evolving technologies. This allows them to bring better app solutions for customers. To enhance the brand value, using the latest tools and technologies has become the main area of interest. So, hiring mobile app development companies has become the priority of every IT firm.

Things to know about mobile applications:

  • As per Statista, more than 3 million people will use smartphones in 2020. This number reached almost 4 million in 2021.
  • “Buildfire” reported that 20% of the users access an application 50 times every day. Apart from this, 50 % of people open an app 11 times a day.
  • “TheManifest” proved that social media applications are the most frequently used apps.
  • The Research & Markets report disclosed that mobile apps’ value is increasing globally. It will attain a market value of 407 billion dollars by 2026.

What are the important things to decide the cost of hiring app developers in 2022?

Companies present all around the world have understood how important mobile applications are for their business. It is a big reason for hiring mobile app developers. A mobile application with a great UI helps businesses to connect with their users efficiently. So, have a look at major factors that decides the cost to hire an app development company:

Chosen platform

It is first required for you to choose a particular platform for developing a mobile application. Then, according to the kind of platform you choose, the cost to hire mobile app developers can vary.

Suppose, if you want to design a native app for iOS, you need to hire a separate resource. For Android applications, you should find an Android developer. It can increase the app creation cost and the development time.

Many of you who are eager to target multiple platforms with one app should go for cross-platform app development. It is an affordable option as one codebase can work for different OS.

App development team experience

The experience factor is quite crucial for app development. You get multiple choices to design a mobile application. This includes technology, programming language, and frameworks. To design a successful business app, you need to collaborate with a team of excellent developers.

Every app developer has their special qualities and responsibilities. Based on that, they charge for developing an app.


It is the most essential reason due to which the cost to hire mobile application developers differs. The existing location of the resource matters a lot in deciding the cost to hire them. In surveys, countries like India, Australia, Ukraine, UK, Singapore, and Russia are the affordable choices for hiring developers.

While employing developers, the recruiting cost also varies according to week and months. The kind of agreement you have made while hiring the mobile app development company matters the most.

After all, you can determine the price structure of the app developer by checking their engagement models. The location of the app developer, expertise, and experience, plays a major role in the costing structure.

Application complexity

The app development cost can also depend on the complexity level. Now, it might take longer durations (from weeks to months or sometimes even more) to develop a complex app. Usually,  the time for app development depends on the app concept, design, features, and function integrations.

When you decide your mobile app development needs in advance, it allows you to hire the best resource. In case, your business needs an app with lots of features, the cost to develop an app can go high.

How can you determine the hiring cost of the app developer?

The type of organizational business determines the cost to hire Android app developers or iOS developers. A developer charges for app development services based on hours. The service cost can lie between $20 per hour to $250 cost per hour. So, let’s have a look at the list of countries with the approximate per hour costs:

  • Indonesia: $10-20
  • India: $30-70
  • Australia: $40-110
  • U.S.A: $50-200

Best websites to hire mobile application developers:

There are different websites available for finding a suitable resource for your app development requirements. You can use different websites, forums, tech blogs, and job boards to get the best fit. Meanwhile, you can consider the below-given sites to fulfill your development requirements:


Upwork is the largest freelance hiring portal in the world. It is a website where you can easily find millions of app developers located in different countries. Not only developers, you can also find other technical professionals at Upwork. It is a great website that brings both clients and freelance app developers together.

Businesses searching for developers can simply apply a filter to search out the most suited resource. The important step that you can take is to define parameters. While searching out the best fit, they can go through every profile and check out the project completion score.

Tohire a mobile app development companybased on per hour cost, Upwork is the right choice.


Are you willing to appoint an app development company? Then, Clutch can be the best platform for you. It is a kind of B2B directory where one can see details, feedback, and ratings of the listed companies.

Clutch is the known hiring portal. It is a platform where seven thousand IT companies are available. They use the site to post their portfolios and service offerings. The great advantage is that they consider the verified client feedback and reviews on this platform. If you have plans to design an app,  you should proceed accordingly. It is better to check client reviews about app development companies on Clutch.


GoodFirms has been found as an ideal platform for reviewing software services and products. It allows businesses to go through the reviews and select the best-suited company.

This particular site assists IT companies to stand out from others. It assists companies to spread brand awareness. GoodFirms help in performing different activities. It assists in categorizing directories, checking client reviews, and different other activities. Using it, software vendors can expand their business. On the other hand, software resource seekers can conveniently search and hire appropriate developers.

GoodFirms has a track record in assisting 160K customers to find out the best software firms and products. It has options to select from different categories. The categories are web & app development software, e-commerce development, digital marketing, SEO, etc.


It is a community to search out different technical professionals. These include developers, mobile app development companies, and digital marketing agencies. One can be a part of the forum and get in touch with experienced professionals.

AppFutura uses a distinctive approach to rate more than six thousand companies. It claimed that it has better exposure to work closely with service providers and buyers firms.

The team of the company verifies and keeps a track of the active firms to approve authenticity. It is easy to get validated feedback from actual clients. This helps in making a better decision while hiring Android app developersor iOS developers.

Wrapping Up

The cost to hire mobile app developers is not a challenging task if you know your business needs. To evaluate the total cost to employ a developer, you need to consider different things. These are platform, location, app complexity, and experience. All these factors will help you in determining the overall budget and let you hire the best source.

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