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Goodbye Email For Colleague, Bidding Farewell Perfectly | Receptix


Goodbyes are hard, be it a personal relationship or a professional one. The last day of your job is overwhelming as it is. To top that, you have to say goodbye to your colleagues who have been with you since day one. Doesn’t matter if you loved or hated your job, writing a goodbye email for colleagues is enough to leave a lump of sadness mysteriously lodged in your throat. It can be difficult to encompass your thoughts and feelings in a single letter. But sending a goodbye email ensures that you end things on a positive note. Moreover, it is simply a polite thing to do.

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Tips On How To Write A Goodbye Email

Keep Things Positive

Remember to keep the contents of your email positive. Do not make any harsh comments or criticize the company. Do not talk about old grudges or make negative remarks on any of your colleagues. Remember that a goodbye email is sent to end things on a good note with the company as well as your colleagues. This will ensure you have a good relationship even after you have packed up your desk and left.

Express Gratitude

Writing a goodbye email for colleagues is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude. You can mention how thankful you are for the mentorship and provided to you by your seniors, for the constant support your coworkers have given you throughout the course of your employment. You can also express how it was a pleasure working with all of them and how much you are going to miss it.

Personalize Your Letter

Try to send out individual goodbye emails for colleagues. You don’t share the same relationship with everyone so instead of sending out a mass email, try to personalize. Send out different letters to different people and personalize the content according to the time you two spent together. You may also include a little personal message at the end of each email.

Contact Information

Once you have left your job, your employer will deactivate your official email address. Remember to add your contact information so that your colleagues know how to reach you once you have left. You can include a personal email address or a phone number. You can also provide your LinkedIn profile.

Keep it Brief

Avoid writing unnecessarily long paragraphs in your email. Do not write more than a couple of paragraphs. Just mention your last working day, express your gratitude and end on a positive note by wishing them luck.

Last Working Day

Make sure to send your goodbye email for colleagues a day or two before your last working day. This will give your colleagues enough time to say goodbye. Some might want to meet you personally while many will respond to the email. Do not send the letter until you are done with completing all your work and formalities so that you can take your time and say goodbye properly.

Tailor Your Farewell

If you were a part of a small team in the organization, do not send a long email to the entire organization. Saying goodbye to people you don’t even know might come across as being big-headed. A goodbye email only makes sense when you have people to say goodbye to.

Samples Of Goodbye Email For Colleagues

Sample #1

Subject: Bidding Farewell

Dear [First name of the colleague],

I wanted to take a moment to inform you that I am leaving my position as [job title] at [company name]. I will be starting a new position as [new job title] at [new company name] starting the first week of next month.

It’s an understatement when I say that I enjoyed my tenure at this company. I wanted to let you know how fortunate it feels to have worked with someone like you. Thank you for the guidance, constant support and encouragement you have provided me during my time at this company.

While I will miss working at this company, I am looking forward to this new phase of my career.

You can reach me on my personal email : [email address] or you can give me a call at [phone number]. You may also contact me through LinkedIn. Please stay in touch.

I wish you all the best.

Thanks again for everything.

Kind regards,
[employee name]


Subject: Moving On

Dear [First name of the colleague],

I am writing this to you to let you know that I am retiring at the end of this month.

My time at [company name] has been nothing short to extraordinary over the past twelve years. I have spent more than a decade as a part of this family and I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity of having worked with someone like you. I will never forget your kindness and the tremendous support you have shown me over the course of my employment.

I will be moving to [city name] with my family in three months but I would like to stay in touch. You can reach me anytime at my email [email address] or on my cell [phone number].

Thanks again for an amazing journey. I wish you all the best.

[employee name]

Sample #3

Subject: Saying Goodbye

Dear [First name of the colleague],

As you may already know, I am leaving my position [job title] at [company name]. My last working day will be [date].

I wish to express my gratitude for getting the opportunity to know you both professionally and personally over the last 3 years. Without your support and friendship, my time at [company name] would not have been the same.

I will be moving to [city name] to take up my new role as [new job title] at [new company name]. While I am excited about what the future holds for me, I am still going to miss working with amazing coworkers like you. I would love to stay in touch, so here is my personal email [email address] or you can reach me on my cell [phone number].

I wish you all the best for your future and hope to stay in touch.

Thanks again for everything.

[employee name]

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