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How To Prepare For Walk-In Interviews | Receptix


A walk-in interview, as the name suggests, is an interview where candidates do not need a prior appointment. They can directly go to the venue and appear for their interview. While this may sound a fairly simple procedure, walk-in interviews are highly competitive and intimidating. There is a crowd of hundreds and thousands of candidates in the waiting area which can be quite nerve-wracking. Fundamentally, walk-in interviews are easy to apply but hard to crack if you don’t know how to conduct yourself. This is why it is crucial to understand how to prepare for walk-in interviews.

Tips On How To Prepare For Walk-In Interviews

Typically, companies conduct walk-in interviews to hire in bulk. That being said, there will always be more applicants than the number of vacancies. A little preparation can go a long way, so let’s take a look at the tips on how to prepare for walk-in interviews.

Research About The Company

This goes without saying but the most important thing to do before a walk-in interview is to read about the company you are interviewing for. Visit their website and research thoroughly about their vision, mission, etc. Also read all the latest news articles about the company, any achievements or awards they might have received. Every interviewer asks different versions of “Why do you want to work with us?.” When you make yourself aware of the organization, you will be able to answer such questions specifically. This instantly makes you stand out from other candidates who give vague non-descriptive answers.

Assess Your Resume

Chances are, the initial part of your interview will involve a discussion over your resume. Make sure you are well versed with the contents of your resume. Be prepared to explain your resume to the interviewer, especially about your work experience. The interviewer will most likely ask you to elaborate on your previous job role. Also, make sure to proofread your resume for any grammatical, spelling or typing mistakes.

Carry Important Documents

Make sure to carry your important documents to the venue along with an ID. Important documents constitute documents from your professional as well as educational background like mark sheets, experience letters, certificates, payslips, etc. Along with that, remember to carry valid ID proof. Keep everything neatly organized in a folder along with multiple copies of your resume to avoid fumbling with documents.

Brief yourself on Common Interview Questions

There is a set of common interview questions that almost every interviewer asks a candidate. Going through such questions and preparing your answers for them will not only boost your confidence but also help calm your nerves during the interview.

Pick Your Attire

Nothing sets a bad first impression more than inappropriate interview attire. Pick out your attire in advance one night before the interview. Wear formal clothes with a comfortable fit. Avoid wearing bright colors and choose more warm and neutral tones. It is preferable to wear dark bottoms and light shirts. Also, personal grooming is very important. Keep your hair combed back neatly. And in terms of grooming for men, shaving is also necessary.

Check Venue Address

Remember to double-check the exact address of the interview venue to avoid any unnecessary delays. Figure out your commute to the venue in advance and arrive early. Arriving early has the added advantage of facing the interviewer in the early hours. Also, there are fewer candidates at the venue in the initial hours of the interview.

Well-Versed With Job Role

When you think about how to prepare for walk-in interviews, always remember to read about the position you are interviewing for before doing anything else. Read the job description thoroughly and understand what the role demands from you. The interviewer will most likely ask practical questions about the job role to test whether you can handle the situation and responsibilities or not.

Good Communication

Learn to communicate your thoughts well. The very first thing interviewers notice is the communication skills of a candidate. Practice speaking in front of a mirror. Practice giving your introduction. The first question in an interview is to talk about yourself. Giving a brief yet strong introduction will be a good start to your interview.

Confident Body Language

Body language is equally important, if not more, as good communication. Your body language speaks more than words can express. Fidgeting with your hands is a sign of nervousness, don’t do it sitting in front of the interviewer. Rest your hands gently on your lap while maintaining natural eye contact with the interviewer when you answer questions. Maintain a straight posture, do not slouch in the chair. Sitting straight makes you look confident. When the interviewer is talking, give non-verbal cues (a nod or a smile) to show that you are listening.

Ask Questions

Every interviewer will ask the candidate if they have any questions nearing the end of the interview. Remember to ask a few important questions that show you are well versed in the job role and your responsibilities. It also shows you have done your research and know about the company’s culture as well.

Thank the Interviewer

Being courteous goes a long way. At the end of the interview, stand up and shake the interviewer’s hand. Thank them for giving you the chance to interview for their company.

Practice Mock Interview

The best way to prepare for a walk-in interview is by giving mock interviews. It will relieve all the stress and anxiety you might be facing in the anticipation of the interview. Don’t underestimate the act of practicing, the more you practice the calmer you will be when appearing for the actual interview.

Take a Follow-Up

After you have given the interview, remember to take a follow up with the interviewer about it. Send a follow-up email saying it was a pleasure to interview for them and to contact you in case they have any queries. Close the email by adding that you look forward to hearing from them. Sending a follow-up email will show that you are actually interested as well as committed to the role.

Despite the high competition, walk-in interviews can prove to be a golden opportunity, especially for freshers. Just remember to prepare well and follow these tips. Good luck!

About the Author:

Washija is a content specialist at Receptix. She has an MBA in Tourism and a passion for creating web content. She is an avid reader, a traveler, and a versatile writer. She has been writing on the topics of education, career advice, and related areas for the past 3 years.



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