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Minimalism in the Design of the Kitchen as a Trend in 2020


Anyone considering a complete house makeover or has already gone through it knows just how expensive it is to remodel and redesign the kitchen area. Most designer companies indicate that the kitchen is the most expensive section of the house to remodel because of the details involved. It becomes especially tricky if you are intending to carry out the kitchen design on your own. Nonetheless, this is not impossible.

You just need the right tools and the right set of mind.
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As a matter of fact, the kitchen is the place that can bring you maximum satisfaction in the long run if you realize earlier on how to design a kitchen in style. This both applies to small and large kitchens and there are general tips that could even help you save on space. No one wants to work in a squeezed cooking area and thus, the following kitchen decor ideas will go a long way to help you realize your goals.

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Color Brings Life

Color is generally known to convey certain messages, emotions and have an immediate psychological effect.The amazing thing with coloring is that it can either make or break you. Color for kitchen design ideas can make a small kitchenette appear gigantic in space and can also make a spacious one feel squeezed. The effect is immediate for anyone entering your kitchen, just like the best keto supplement produces an immediate effect in your body.

Aim at maximizing on trendy colors like light pastels or grey and white color tones to bring in warmth. If you can create a sharp color contrast of say white and black, it might just work to your advantage.

flowers in the kitchen
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Kitchen Designs for the Floor

Instead of making a sharp change in floor design, you can allow your kitchen to share in the continuity of the adjacent living room. This creates openness and oneness at the same time. Consider using wooden floors for your kitchen remodel ideas which illuminate more warmth than tiles. You need to maintain a regular check on this to prevent water from spoiling the fancy wood.

The Walls

Picture yourself in a room surrounded by mirrors all around. If you are left there for an hour, you’d probably develop claustrophobia as you end up feeling trapped. How you conduct your kitchen designs for your walls can either make you feel trapped or leave you feeling liberated and rejuvenated.

Consider incorporating a kitchen island with cabinet shelves from the roof to floor. This allows you to create extra space in your kitchen. Maximize on the sink wall by hanging appliances and having a shelf there. Remember, how you color the shelves and cabinets will also play a big role in the final kitchen décor outlook.

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Materials Matter

Before you decide on how to design your kitchen, you should first determine the materials that appeal you to come up with a proper budget. Kitchen design materials can give your kitchenette a posh and stylish look or even take away all the glamour from all your hard work. Rustic wood, brick and concrete make excellent loft designs while stone glass and natural wood bring out a contemporary and even minimalistic modern appeal.

The Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Conducting a small kitchen remodel is one of the simplest things for an interior designer to do, yet one of the most complicated aspects of kitchen design. This is primarily because different aspects of design will create different emotions in different persons. Nonetheless, the following simple tips could help you get started.

There is a modern trend of having workstation sinks that enables you to enjoy a beverage station, perfect carving board skills, act as a colander and drying rack and what’s more, work as a condiment serving station. This multipurpose functionality can be applied to other things around the kitchenette like having transformer furniture, maximizing the window as a bar table, or even enjoying window seats.

The Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Image Source Pexels

The Trendy Aspect

Perhaps you just want a simplistic kitchen design with a modern touch. Coming up with a modern kitchen design may go beyond just having modern materials and appliance; you might be forced to incorporate some technological aspects. A smart countertop, for instance, may not only give you the grand chance of sharing your cooking skills and experience but may also add some cool vibe through the best of jazz. Smart ovens won’t automate your cooking but will regularly remind you when the meal is nearly ready and even add a bonus to that by automatically regulating the heat. Just in case you get easily carried away by rowdy kids in the house like most of us, this will work to your advantage.

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There you have it – sleek, easy and budget-friendly kitchen designs that will revolutionize your kitchen experience. Whether you choose a mid-century antiquities style, a Scandinavian look, a European Café option, a modern high-tech trend, or even an eclectic flair, the final results should bring you the desired goals as well as maximum satisfaction. Be your own boss and take charge of your kitchen design. Which kitchen décor remodel technique do you have up your sleeve? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio:

Oh the endless possibilities of interior décor! The author was the chief editor of ICRAVE since its inception in 2002 and left to form her own interior design company in 2010 soon after giving birth to her third. Since then, she has defied all odds and has amazed many clients. Her design ideas are now popular in the industry. Get more sleek ideas from her blog.


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