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Why Position Tracking System is Your Guide Not Enemy!


What if you are told that you are being tracked by someone for all your activities? You will be furious, right?

But don’t worry, here we are not talking about spying on you. We are talking about the ethical purpose of tracking, like the smart devices you own to track your steps, heart rate, activities, etc.

Other than your personal tracking system, there are device tracking systems that track each and every motion of your devices, vehicles, etc., in real-time. All these trackings come into the position tracking system.

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Let us know some more information about the position tracking system.

Position Tracking System –

Position Tracking System is a process of tracking that utilises triangulation. It is a process where a location is pinpointed using three points of reference, which are usually the three axes – X, Y & Z axes.

In simple language, we can say that the position tracking system is a motion tracking process which tracks the real-time positions with respect to a set reference point. The position tracking systems are utilised nowadays in several applications and devices, catering to study, business, security, etc.

All the geolocations tracked by the system are averaged to a specific point which is the location of the position tracking device, which can be either stationed or in a mobile state.

Now, owing to the position tracking system and based on the reasons, there are a few types of position tracking, which are – 

  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification  
  • Geofencing
  • Internet Tracking
  • Radio Tracking
  • Global Positioning or Satellite Tracking
  • Cell-Phone Triangulation 

Let us know these position tracking system types in detail in the further section of this short article. 

Types of Position Tracking System –

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification  

The RFID is a common technique or tracking process which is utilized in various fields for tracking purposes. The RFID technique makes use of tags that has an antenna along with a small chip. 

The antenna here is used to transmit a radio signal, and the chip is used to store the data related to the broadcast. At a particular frequency, these tags detect a signal and respond with encoded information, which helps to identify tagged items. 

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It is a very common technique to use RFID in tracking processes; even some corporates utilize such RFIDs as employee ID cards to track their in-outs during working hours. 

Geofencing – 

Geofencing type of tracking is pretty passive in nature and may use GPS or even RFID for tracking purposes. The Geofencing trackers have in-built receivers that quickly detect the current location in real-time.

The Geofencing trackers most probably use GPS technology or a radio scanner technique. If the tracker goes beyond a particular set range, it activates the alarm, which informs the same through a transmitter. This technique is primarily used in retail stores to avoid any malpractice.

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Internet Tracking –

As the name implies, the internet tracking system uses the internet for tracking any device or activity. It is mostly utilized for laptops and other computing devices and is the best way to locate and recover stolen devices.

The tracked information may include the wireless data for geographic triangulation, which we discussed in the very first section of this article. Such a tracking system is often used in cyber activities.

Radio Tracking –

Radio Tracking is considered one of the most powerful positions tracking systems. It does wonders when the RFID tracker is given a power source, which increases its signal range by a considerable margin.

Along with this, the active trackers this technology use respond to a wide range of signals. Not only this, you can utilize this position tracking system for long-term tracking purposes and can switch it off whenever you want.

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The most common use of radio tracking is done on animals, where they are tagged with such radio tracking tags to study their activities in the wild.

Satellite Tracking –

As the name implies, this position tracking system uses a satellite for tracking. The evolution of GPS, the Global Position System, is the central aspect of this tracking system.

For this type of position tracking system, the GPS receiver is connected to a satellite network through which you can track the real-time location of any person or device. It is well-known for its super accuracy and real-time data analytics.

The ability to pair with satellite radio enables us to track a device from any part of the world in real-time without spending any extra money on it. Rescue missions are done based on the locations found through the satellite maps, which is why it is said to be a remarkable innovation with a blessing for humans.

Cell-Phone Triangulation –

The cell-phone triangulation is a technique that can be effective even if your device lacks the GPS facility. In this system, when you contact an ambulance or police or any government authority, they can still detect your location and reach you within no time.

This is because of the cell phone triangulation tracking system. This system analyses the signal strength of several cell towers that are picking up your mobile’s location, which helps estimate your approximate location by signal analysis.

Though the said tracking system is not as effective as the GPS or Satellite one, but still in remote areas, this system proves to be a huge helping hand.

So, these are some of the types of the position tracking system which are considered to be helpful at times in various kinds of situations.

Owing to the information discussed above regarding the position tracking system and the types discussed, it is pretty evident that these position tracking systems are proving helpful to us in every aspect, regardless of applications.

Yes, it is true that some mischiefs are happening by making use of such technology, but the authorities are taking prevention and utilizing strict regulations to prevent these mischievous things.

So, rather than worrying about your cyber security through such a position tracking system, just follow the preventive measures and guidelines issued by the authorities for safe and effective use of the position tracking system.


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