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How GPS Tracking Devices Can Improve Your Business Performance?


GPS Tracking Devices

In the modern world, prompt delivery of goods plays an important role for the successful existence of a business. The company that promises on-demand delivery software solution to the customer to quickly bring his order and fulfills his promise, as a result, receives a significant advantage over competitors and forms a pool of loyal customers who will be willing to use the services of the company in the future.

But such efficiency is quite expensive for business owners. Of course, if the goal is to deliver the goods as quickly as possible regardless of the costs, then a similar problem can be quite successfully solved. But such a business is unlikely to be profitable. Therefore, each owner of a business related to the transportation of goods is limited in their resources. The businessman who manages to organize the most effective scheme for the functioning of his logistics will receive the greatest profit at the lowest cost and, as a result, will be successfully ahead of his competitors.

To solve the problem of optimal delivery management, companies actively use various technical means and the latest information systems like the taxi GPS tracking system. These include a satellite monitoring system that allows you to track the location of an object in real time. The use of gps monitoring helps to optimize the work of both delivery services with the help of ordinary couriers and the transportation of goods by large transport companies. Let’s take a closer look at how a satellite-based GPS tracking system helps companies and delivery services optimize their work.

Delivery control by regular couriers

Many local businesses related to servicing clients located nearby are widely using regular couriers to transport orders. These companies include various pizzerias, sushi, pastry shops, as well as a variety of online stores. The personal GPS tracker, which the courier always carries with him during the work shift, allows the business owner to find out exactly where his employee is, delivering the order to the client. Using a GPS tracker, a manager can:

The picture shows the dimensions of a personal tracker

  • quickly manage your couriers
  • find out how long it took to deliver an order
  • supervise the performance of each courier

Tracking couriers helps the business owner to analyze the real situation and more carefully plan further work. Using the information received, you can more accurately calculate the delivery time to various areas of the city, which will lead to faster orders and increase the positive feedback from satisfied customers. Also, a businessman will be able to understand exactly how much he needs couriers per day and whether it makes sense to use delivery on scooters and cars.

An important factor for small companies is the personal decency and diligence of couriers. Indeed, instead of delivering pizza to the client, the courier can simply go to the nearest cafe for lunch, then telling the manager that the customer did not open the door. The monitoring system will help control lazy couriers and reduce company costs associated with fictitious rejections.

Delivery control on scooters

Using scooters and motorcycles to deliver orders allows the company to cover more areas of the city and increase the speed of order execution. The importance of vehicle tracking system in this case will be useful for solving such problems as:

  • operational planning of delivery routes
  • forecast delivery times
  • courier integrity monitoring
  • control over observance by the courier of traffic rules

Since the courier moves on a scooter along city roads, he can often get stuck in traffic, and even his mobility will not help much. The dispatcher uses fleet GPS tracking systems to track the current location of the courier, using online services checks for traffic jams and congestion on the road, and helps the courier on a scooter to find a detour and the shortest route to the client. Also, depending on the traffic, the dispatcher can predict the delivery time of the order and then make operational changes to the delivery schedule, quickly redistributing the load between all couriers.

An important aspect for the stable operation of the company is the issue of observance of traffic rules by couriers. Usually young people who like to ride on the road carry orders on scooters and motorbikes. Such behavior is fraught with numerous accidents, equipment breakdowns and failure to deliver delivery times. The monitoring system will show the management exactly how the courier was traveling, whether he exceeded the speed limit and did not create emergency situations on the road.

Vehicle Delivery Tracking

If the services of a regular courier are sufficient for pizza delivery, then you will have to transport the microwave or refrigerator ordered in the online store by car. The GPS vehicle tracking software in this case can help in the following issues:

Benefits of vehicle tracking system

  • formation of the optimal traffic route taking into account traffic jams
  • forecast delivery times
  • tracking the current position of the machine
  • observance by the driver of traffic rules
  • accounting of fuel consumption depending on mileage

As with delivering orders using scooters, the monitoring system will help the dispatcher to quickly track the current position of the delivery machine and tell the driver the shortest and fastest way to the client. By accumulating such statistical information, the company in the future can more accurately predict the time of delivery of goods, understanding the total congestion of roads depending on the time of day and season. Thanks to such analytics, you can avoid unnecessary fuel costs and reduce delivery time. Companies that actively use the GPS monitoring system in their work report that they managed to reduce the delivery time by an average of 32%.

The fleet management vehicle tracking system helps minimize the so-called “human factor”. It is no secret that drivers often get nervous because of traffic jams and pulls, which leads to emergency situations on the roads. Yes, and the drivers themselves come across differently: “reckless” do not regularly comply with traffic rules, which is fraught with frequent repairs, fines and customer failures due to delivery time delays. The monitoring system will help to control all trips of drivers, and if such a “reckless driver” is identified, the management can quickly get rid of such an employee.

Employed drivers like to provide themselves with additional financial income due to fuel drainage with its subsequent resale. Instead of delivering the goods, the driver just needs to call in the nearest yard and stand there for an hour and a half, informing the dispatcher that the client is not in place. Fuel economy in this case can be 3-5 liters, which the driver can safely drain and take with him. The GPS monitoring system will help to track whether the client really had a car, or if the driver is simply deceiving the company’s management.

Cargo delivery by transport companies

If it is necessary to transport goods over long distances, it is most appropriate to resort to the help of transport companies that deal with transportation on a professional basis. The management of such a company can successfully solve the following problems using a real time GPS fleet tracking system:

  • control of the current location of the car
  • prompt driver assistance on the road
  • providing information to the client about his cargo
  • driver control

Tracking the cars will help the company’s dispatcher to be aware of exactly where the car is loaded with cargo right now. In this case, the dispatcher will be able to predict the timing of the arrival of the car at the destination, as well as organize prompt assistance to the driver in case of an unforeseen delay and breakdown on the road.

Also, the dispatcher of the transport company can provide the client with access to monitor the movement of the car. Such a service will be quite appropriate if the customer is delivered especially valuable or perishable goods. In addition, a sense of control over the transportation will increase the customer’s loyalty to the company and help it acquire another regular customer.

A gps monitoring system will also help in the issue of driver control. The system will notify the dispatcher on its own if the driver does not comply with the established traffic schedule or deviates from it. Also, the tracking system will monitor whether the driver complies with the established speed limit on the road and does not violate traffic rules. In addition, the head of the company will be able to get a detailed report for each car with two clicks of the mouse, which shows the total mileage of the car and calculates fuel consumption. According to businessmen, such reports reduce fuel theft by drivers and reduce monthly fuel costs by an average of 30%.

Author’s Bio:

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading corporate taxi booking solutions. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

Infographic: How GPS Can Help Your Business

Infographic created by Track Your Truck, a GPS vehicle tracking devices provider


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