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Why Should Startups Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development


Flutter is the most well-liked cross-platform mobile structure used by developers around the world and 42% percent of software developers used Flutter, according to a study by Statista. About a third of variable developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks. The rest use local tools.

In this article, you will find the answer to Why Choose Flutter from the point of view of a startup.

At its core, Flutter combines the best ideas and technologies from Google. This combination has led to the creation of a robust mobile framework.

Flutter is built on Dart, Google’s programming language. It has several features that have never been seen in a cross-platform ecosystem. This lets startups make mobile apps that can switch between screens quickly and have design elements known to fit right into the native selves of Android and iOS. We’ve already talked a lot about the features of Flutter that make it great for cross-platform development. Now, let’s talk about why it’s suitable for startups on a tight budget and who need to get their apps on the market quickly.

Why Should New Businesses Pick Flutter?

Here are some of the most important ways that the Flutter association can help your startup:

1. Using Flutter to make mobile apps helps solve the cross-platform route’s many problems

Mobile app developers have wanted for a long time to make a genuinely custom cross-platform product, which is usually only possible with native app development.

Even though there are popular tools and frameworks like React Native and Ionic on the market, the user experience of both Native and Cross-Platform Apps is so different that it is a complete letdown.

But Flutter is a nice change of pace. Mobile app development company uses the native user interface elements of both Android and iOS. This is something the whole community has been waiting for: an accurate code-once approach that makes a powerful native experience.

2. The developers are ten times more productive

One of the main reasons why we think startups should use Flutter is because it makes our developers more productive. The “stateful hot reload” feature, one of the best things about Flutter, makes this increase in productivity possible. Flutter eliminates the need to recompile by letting developers see the effects of code changes in real-time. This cuts the time it takes to make a mobile app by a considerable amount.

3. There is no doubt that Flutter is a powerful design experience

Material Design and Flutter have led to a mechanism that promises a powerful User Interface (UI) experience. It helps make a smooth experience with no learning curve, which is usually only possible with native mobile apps.

Flutter comes with widgets that are customized for both Android and iOS. This gives you the “feel” of a native app. The list of devices that come with Flutter is the largest of any cross-platform tool.

4. Using Firebase as the backend is a big deal for a startup

Firebase is backed by Google and supports a lot of things out of the box, including cloud storage space, real-time database, hosting, cloud functions, and authentication. With Firebase, the infrastructure is no longer based on servers and can be scaled up and duplicated. In short, now that startups are using Flutter, companies no longer have to spend money and time on backend development.

It is also easy for developers to combine Firebase in mobile apps built with Flutter with a tool like Fastlane that automates the release and development process. This lets the team keep delivering.

5. Fuchsia, will be using Flutter

Even though Fuschia’s power hasn’t been shown to the world yet, we know that it would depend significantly on Flutter. The following operating system will be a mix of Chrome and Android, and it will be the brain of millions of Internet of Things devices that are expected to be in use soon. Many market researchers think virtual and augmented reality will be built on Fuschia.

Now, it’s clear that Fuschia will have an effect, no matter what it looks like. Because it is based on Flutter, the cross-platform tool is also essential. These five current and future benefits, or USPs, make Flutter for startups’ app development an event demand by each app tycoon who wants an app that not only has a custom design but also cuts down on the time it takes to make the app while being forward-looking.

6. Hot reload speeds up the process of making applications.

The hot reload feature of Flutter makes it easy and quick for developers to try out new things, make UI, add features, and debug apps in real-time. The quality shows the changes you make to the code right away. It also helps updates show up in the app’s current state and lets developers keep running code in real-time.

Why Should New Businesses Opt for Cross-Platform App Development?

When it comes to mobile app development, businesses and startups have to choose between Native Applications or Cross-Platform Mobile Apps.

On the one hand, Native apps are made just for one platform, like Android or iOS. On the other hand, Cross-Platform apps are made to work on Android and iOS simultaneously.

With flutter app development, it’s possible to make a single app that works on iOS and Android simultaneously. This has several advantages:

• Less work to make the app- Because the developers only have to work on one codebase instead of making two versions, it takes much less time to make a cross-platform app.

• Testing takes less time- Instead of testing the app on two different platforms, each with 50 other devices and operating systems, QA specialists only have to try one app version.

• Lower App Development Costs- Because cross-platform app development takes less time to make and test, it costs less to create apps.

• Faster time to market- Because developing a mobile app takes less time and effort than making a native app, and testing time is also shorter, entrepreneurs can get their apps out on the market much faster. This lets them enjoy the reimbursement of the creature, an early bird.


In the future of business, the Flutter platform is expected to keep growing and fill in the gaps in the tech world. Flutter is the correct answer for most of your needs as a mobile app startup.

It is supported not only by credentials and papers but also by the brands and global leaders behind most of the world’s tech innovations. Cross-platform development is used to make the platform, which has much more to offer than native and other platforms.


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