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User-Generated Video Content – Tips & Best Practices


Back in the time, people solely relied on promotional advertisements for brands and businesses to make their purchase choices. The shoppers today are smarter and leverage various means and sources to make their decisions.

One such medium that they highly use is social media platforms. Overall, social media has a user base of over 4 billion active users who create and post content on a daily basis, to give their followers a glimpse into their daily life.

Here’s an example for better understanding: you are sitting in a restaurant and totally enjoying the experience. You totally love the food and ambiance of the place and want others to know about it too. What would you do? Without thinking twice, take out your phone, make a video of the place, capture the food and the ambiance, and post it on social media.

The video created by the customers is super powerful and has the potential to convert prospects into customers. Just like the mentioned example, your potential customers also are looking for your business and your customers’ user-generated video content can help you convert.

Clueless about how to generate and use User-Generated Video content in your marketing efforts? You are at the right place then!

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Different Ways To Create User-Generated Videos

●      Run Hashtag Competitions

Giveaways and contests have become a powerful tool for brands and businesses for increasing their user engagement, brand exposure and for creating ample amounts of User-Generated Content.

Hashtag contests are a great way to motivate social media users to create content around the specific hashtag. It all happens when brands ask the users to leverage specific hashtags and create content. In return, they get a chance to win something exciting.

Make sure that the prize offered by you is enticing enough for the audience. People love freebies along with getting featured and running a hashtag contest offers both.

●      Try Influencer Marketing

The impact of influencers on its users is not unknown. Influencers are termed influencers since they hold the potential to convince their users to buy a new product or service.

When you collaborate with a famous influencer for promoting your product, you open doors for more engagement and for increase the reach of your brand.

Make sure that you collaborate with influencers who have a good number of followers and cater to the niche of your brand. Your users will be taken away by the content of the influencers, and create content to get more popular, generating more user-generated videos.

●      Repost The Content Created By Your Users

As mentioned above, there are a large number of users who create content on a daily basis around brands and their experiences mentioning them in the content. When you repost their content, you urge the other brand users to create content as well.

People enjoy coming into the limelight especially on social media. They feel like brand ambassadors and feel important for your brand’s advocacy. Reposting their content on your social media account motivates the other users to create content in an urge for their content to get featured.

The Best Tools to Use for User-Generated Video Content

Now that you are aware of the ways to generate user-generated video content. It’s time that you understood how you could use them in your marketing game.

1.     Taggbox Widget – For Aggregating & Embedding User-Generated Videos Content

Embedding user-generated video content on the website is a great method to increase brand engagement, awareness, and gradually more sales and conversions.

The Taggbox widget is a leading and extremely responsive social media aggregation platform designed to curate and embed content on the website. The tool works brilliantly to collect content from various social media platforms and sources.

Once the content is aggregated, the users can improve the efficiency of the social media widget by using the advanced features of the platform. Users can leverage the various styling options offered by the platform to make the widget more appealing. The content moderation panel can be used to remove any unwanted or irrelevant content.

Other features of the tool include detailed analytics, automatic content updates, and an active back-support team for help.

2.     Video Creek: To Edit User-Generated Videos

It is extremely important for brands to edit the videos before publishing them as it is. Video Creek is a responsive video editing tool. Using this tool, users can edit and create stunning videos that would work well to compile the user-generated video content.

Users can choose their preferred video template that matches the overall vibe and theme of the video. Above all, the tool is super fast and does the needful in a few minutes.

3.     Tagembed

Tagembed is another great tool for showcasing user-generated videos on the website. This tool is extremely responsive. Users can aggregate the videos using their preferred source. Not just this, users can increase the effectiveness of the User-Generated Video widget by using the features provided by the tool.

Features include various customization options, a content moderation panel, and a backup support team for assisting users when required.

Final Thoughts

More than 85% of potential users leverage User-Generated Video content before purchasing a product. We have reached the end of this post and now you have all the reasons to generate and use User-Generated Videos in your marketing efforts.

Videos have much more potential to attract the attention of users in comparison to other mediums. If you have not yet used them in your marketing strategy, then it’s high time you used them right away.

Go on now, use the mentioned tools to aggregate engaging user-generated video content and watch your brand grow!


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