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3 Proven Social Media Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales


Social Media Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales

For most brands, social media is all about getting the word out there and interacting with their followers. However, it’s not just about that. In fact, as long as it’s done right, social media marketing can help drive massive sales for your business. According to a survey by SUMO Heavy Industry, 23% of participants use social media to learn more about a brand’s products and/or services. Apart from that, they also revealed that 1 out of 5 online users buy a product directly using social media.

Despite the small number, this simply means that your business can potentially experience massive growth in social media. However, this can only be possible by implementing the best social media marketing strategies into your marketing efforts.

If you really want to drive sales into your business through social media, then you should start applying these 3 tactics into your online sales strategy:

1. Be Where Your Followers Are

The very first rule you should consider for your online sales strategy is to be where your followers are. This simply means researching which social media platforms your audience use and interacting with them there.

To do that, you have to take a look at your target demographic then research where they’re the most active. For example, if you’re after a B2B audience, then social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are your best bets due to their massive user base.

If you’re after a millennial audience, then you want to focus your efforts on Instagram and Snapchat. The bottom line here is to be present where your target audience is. This way, you’ll be able to have an opportunity to reach your goals.

2. Create Valuable Content without making it Sound Too Salesy

Quality over quantity matters when it comes to social media marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers still get it wrong when it comes to sharing content. To avoid that, you want to spend time creating high-quality content that your audience will surely find valuable.

Also, one important tip to keep in mind is to not make it sound too sales oriented. You should also keep in mind that social media channels are mainly designed for socializing, not for selling or buying.

3. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

Most customers tend to read tons of reviews about a brand or its products before they make a final buying decision. After all, these reviews can help them figure out whether buying that product is worth it or not. It also puts their minds at ease knowing that they can trust that product even though it seems unfamiliar to them.

Moreover, when these reviews are the honest opinions of other customers, they feel like it’s something that they can connect with. That said, when it comes to social media marketing, taking advantage of user-generated content can help you generate more sales.

A survey conducted by Olapic revealed that 70% of respondents are influenced by the positive image of a particular product that was created by other customers. Alternatively, you can also drive more sales to your business via social media by simply encouraging your followers to share images of their purchase online. Likewise, you have to put those user-generated images to good use by sharing them in your own social media channels.

Besides using images that are taken from Google, creating your own designed social images and sharing them improves authenticity and gives a boost to your marketing strategy. This way, you’ll be able to increase customer loyalty and even add credibility to your brand.

The Key Takeaway

While social media is a rich platform to promote your brand or business, there are also millions of other brands that are trying to compete with you in reaching the same audience. Unless you use the best social media marketing strategies backed by analytics, you’ll be left behind by the 77% of brands that do.

Author’s Bio:

Rekha Pant, IT professional, Business Developer, a writer in different topics like Digital Communication, Education, Marketing and IT.



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