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List Out The Advanced Social Media Marketing Techniques


Today, social platforms have become essential for every business. If you have to increase your business’s sales, you must have your presence on social platforms. So, the way you promote your product on social platforms decides the increase in your business. Due to the accessibility to the internet and mobile phones, today, people of all age groups are present on social platforms. Billions of people surf through any of the social platforms at least once a day. Hence, due to the enormous user base, social platforms have become more of an e-commerce platform. Therefore, in the present scenario, the sale of every brand is decided by the number of customers it gains through social platforms. So, if you are looking to drive your business to the next level, take advantage of the tactics, we have enlisted below:

Create Authenticity:

Rather than having a business approach towards your brand, assume that you are about to do service to people. Most often, people will back down from proceeding with a product if they find that you are aiming to make them buy your product. For instance, if you are about to promote your apparel, don’t display ads like ‘50% offer’, ‘buy 2 get 1 for free’. Going with these kinds of attractive giveaway could work well for brands that have already garnered a good reputation among people. Else, showcase the ‘values’ and unique features of your apparel. Have slogans such as ‘easy wash and comfort’ and ‘assured longevity’ that shows the quality of your product. So, having your social media promotions by focusing on such values will build your product’s trust. Subsequently, people will show interest in your product so that you could enhance your social selling.

Enhance Reach With Personalization:

In 2020, people are more likely to go with the brands that could give importance to personalization. Many brands and services are bending to the needs of the customers. Today, in this internet era, people are getting a large chunk of information about everything, which is more than adequate.’ So, they are getting to know much information from various online sources about a product. Eventually, they want their product to be crafted in such a way and expect their brands to do so. Hence, promote your business on social platforms by saying that you will accept personalized orders. This will surely increase the reach of your brand in manifolds and maximize your conversion rates.

Give Life To Your Brand With ‘Live’: 

You can enhance the reach of your brand and engagement rate by taking advantage of the live. All the major social platforms Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, have live features in them. All these social applications give huge importance to the live feature. For instance, Facebook will send a notification to you if the page you have liked or follow goes live. Moreover, a separate section has been dedicated to live on Facebook. On Instagram, if an account you have been following goes live, it will appear before all the stories with a live tag. Hence, by leveraging the live feature, you can increase your brand awareness. If you are about to launch a new product, go live, and demonstrate the product to people. Hence, chances are high for a large number of people to watch your live video. A recent survey has noted that live videos drive a 4x higher engagement rate than standard videos. So, make use of live for product launches, tutorials and enhance the reach of your product.

Launch Contests For Your Product:

Launching contest is a traditional tactic that brands used during the days when the print advertisement dominated the marketing world. Even today, after marketing has evolved and underwent a rapid change, brands are giving the same importance to contests because of the benefits it avails them. You can make use of the stories section on Facebook and Instagram to launch contests. If you are about to launch a quiz contest, frame the questions in such a way that could enhance the reputation of your brand. For instance, frame your questions like ‘Tell, In which year we are awarded the best start-up of the year? Launching your contest in such a way will build a good name for your brand among people. Make use of the stories section of Facebook and Instagram, which has a higher visibility rate than making posts on the news feed.

User-Generated Content:

User-Generated content will increase the faith in your product among people because it reflects the complete satisfaction a customer had after purchasing your product. So, encourage your customers to share their opinion about your service on the social platform. Share the content with your page so that the post will be seen by people, liked your page. People who have liked your page will probably be your customers or people who are interested in your product. So, posting such user-generated content will increase the credibility of your product further. Hence, take advantage of the user-generated content and increase your product’s sale at a fast pace. Going with services like Trollishly will also drive many prospects to your page.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a massive impact on social media marketing in the coming years. The technology is availing enormous benefit to marketers as it does many of its assigned tasks at a fast pace. AI drives all the necessary data about the prospects and delivers suggestions to frame a stellar social marketing strategy. Thus, AI tools are much aware of what works and what doesn’t work and guide you accordingly. So, make use of the AI tools for framing relevant social media strategy and drive your growth.

Join Hands With Influencers:

Influencers have evolved as the driving force of the social platforms in today’s scenario, as influencers’ content works best across many social platforms. Many influencers have a huge fan base on par with top brands and movie stars. So, choosing an influencer can take the reach of your brand to a new level. However, ensure whether the characteristics of the influencer align with your brand. Hence, choose the influencers wisely for driving people towards you.

Look At Your Competitors:

To derive a successful social media strategy, one must have a keen look at the way their marketers promote their products on social platforms. Every brand will have a separate marketing strategy. So, having a keen look at the marketing strategy of other brands will give some ideas to frame more relevant social media strategy and to maximize your social sales. Have an eye on your competitors and extract the suitable tactics from them.

Bottom Line:

The success of a brand dramatically relies on the way it convinces people on social platforms. Today, people spend a more substantial part of their leisure time on social platforms. Hence, leveraging the platform in the best possible way will take your business to a new level.

I am Lucia by profession a blogger, tech geek and much interested in exploring digital world and new technology. I am also a mother, wife. I really loving fashion things and travelling.


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