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Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools To Spark Up Your Event Engagements


Engagement is the primary requirement of an event. If there is no engagement in an event, the event is not considered as successful. Therefore every event planner and manager is most concerned about the audience engagement with the event.

We have a solution to this problem – Social Walls!

What is a Social Wall?

Social Walls are display walls that work with the help of social media aggregator tools. These tools fetch content from all your social media platforms and showcase them in one unified presentation. This content is collected on the basis of particular hashtags, accounts or tags that people mention in their posts. Social Walls can then be shared at many places like events, seminars or can be embedded on your website as well.

Top 10 Social Media Wall Tools for you :

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is UGC platform that helps you to display attractive UGC integrated social walls for your events. It also provides you with astounding features like Personalize Panel to customize your wall as you want. Moderation Panel gives you the power to approve the posts you want to share and reject the others. It can fit any screen, provide real-time feed, can be controlled by your mobile phones. It also provides an Analytics feature that shows you the insight in statistics, including users, hashtags, tag cloud, and other numbers. You can also download the report for your convenience.

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2. is a social media wall creator. It is quick and very easy to use. It helps you create a social media wall in minutes. It has many features that can make your wall different. It lets you design, moderate and customize your wall in the best way you want to. Its dynamic display allows you to display your social wall in any size you want to. It provides real-time content as well i.e. it collects content instantly and displays them on the wall.

3. is a social media aggregator that helps you create beautiful social walls for your events. It provides you with many features like moderation, responsive display, real-time automatic feed update, plugins for WordPress and many more.

4. is also a social media aggregator that helps create social media walls for your events. It is easy to use and provides all the solutions on one dashboard itself. They collect data through hashtags, mentions, and tags of your brand. You can moderate, design and analyze your wall through this tool. It provides you with a premium support team as well.

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5. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a marketing and management platform that provides social media wall creation for social media management and social advertising. It will help you create an amazing experience for your audience and display their posts on the social media wall.

6. Embed Social

EmbedSocial is a platform that believes in helping event managers display their audience pictures. They do this by creating social media walls for their website. This tool provides you with insights and reports for the performance of your social media feed. It can help you understand what your audience is liking and disliking, you can then try to enhance their experience accordingly.

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7. Social Wall Pro

Social Wall Pro helps create social media walls for all your events. They have customizable templates that you can choose from and your wall will be displayed with the chosen designs. They will help you create audience engagement for your event.

8. Flockler

Flockler helps set up a social wall for your events by collecting content from multiple social media platforms. It provides you with many display options and moderation features to choose what content you want to display and what you don’t want to display.

9. Everwall

Just like other social media aggregators, this tool also helps you to create beautiful social media walls. It is a very user-friendly and hassle-free way to build your social media wall. Its special feature is that it takes only 0.25 seconds to display a post after it is posted, on your social media wall. This tool also lets you design and style your wall as you want along with giving you the authority to moderate and filter your content for better user experience. You can also post announcements and create polls during your event to make it more engaging.

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10. Eventifier

Eventifier is a tool that helps you display UGC in events. It collects content from various social media platforms and collects them on the dashboard. You can interact with each post and moderate them according to what you want to display in your event. It can fit any screen for its responsive display may it be jumbotrons or cellphones.


Social media walls can help you with your engagement as well as promote your branded hashtag. We have already mentioned the Top 10 tools you can use to create social walls for your events.

I would recommend you should definitely give social walls a try and see how the environment of your event will change for the better.


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