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The best safari parks in Tanzania

When you intend on going to Tanzania, you’re probably thinking of taking a safari there!

But one thing is certain: it is not at all cheap to go on safari there. But without a doubt the experience is very worthwhile, seeing so many wild animals, and often so close to the car, is something you will never forget! Easytravel provides more tips and guides to travel Tanzania safari. look here  to know more tips and safe travel.


The best-known parks for a safari in Tanzania are Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater. Most agencies offerIf you have time and money, it is worth vis a 5-7 day tour, going through all of them.

If you have time and money, it is worth visiting the four parks, as each one has its particularities, and there are some animals that you only see in some parks.

But be smart, it’s almost impossible to go on a cheap in Tanzania safari! The entrances to the parks are ultra mega expensive, and accommodation in the region, even at campsites, is also very expensive.

Many unofficial agencies offer much cheaper prices than the official ones – but it is a risk, as there is no guarantee that you will be safe on the tour.

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In some parks you can also take a safari on your own, without hiring an agency or guide – this is the case with Tarangire (you need to rent a 4 × 4 car).

It is not the case of Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, there is a mandatory guide (and it is also recommended since with a guide you end up seeing a lot more animals, since he knows where they are, and communicates by radio with others guides).

Taking a Tanzania  safari on your own is usually cheaper than hiring an agency, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. You have to pay the park entrance fees (per day), the accommodation (you can between lodges and “campsites”, but even in tented camps the accommodation is not cheap), the car fee, meals, the park guide (if you hire one)… In the end, it gives you money!


The best place to start a safari in Tanzania is in Arusha, where most tourist agencies are located. You have many agency options, the ideal is to hire an official to avoid possible problems.

I went on a super cool safari with them for two days, through Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater.

The tour includes transportation (with pick up at the hostel, and leaves you there too), the guide, park entrances, accommodation (in “tented camps”, which are real rooms, with the bed, mosquito net, and bathroom) ), meals and water.

The amount varies according to the number of parks visited, the type of accommodation, and how many people the group has (and, of course, varies from agency to agency). To give you an idea, the two-day Tanzania  safari I did went for U $ 370 per person (total for two days, in Sep / 16). It is money, but it was certainly a unique experience!

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During the Tanzania safari, you spend most of the day in the truck. Almost all agencies have the same type of truck, which is very comfortable, and has a detachable roof – it gives you a 360-degree view!

You can stay all day taking a game drive through the park – you usually arrive very early, to give you time to enjoy the whole day. On these tours you usually sleep in lodges or tented camps close to the parks, so you can start the safari early the next day.

For meals, you usually take a lunch box with you, to have a picnic inside the park.

The animals you will see depends on a lot: the park, the day, and also luck – I met people who visited the same park as me, on the same day, and who did not see even a third of what I saw!

So it is recommended to do more than one Tanzania safari/game drive, to ensure that you see as many wild animals as possible!

In addition to the animals, some parks have beautiful scenery, with baobabs (like Tarangire Park), lakes (like Lake Manyara), and craters (like Ngorongoro Crater), which are well worth a visit!

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