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Top 10 B2B Platforms Of All Time In The World


Top 10 B2B platforms of all time

B2B websites have done tremendously well in the last few decades. For instance, from changing the course of business to setting up new milestones, online B2B platforms have changed the wholesale industry for good.

However, over the years, lots of online B2B websites have emerged. All of them are focusing on making business easy for everyone, everywhere. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 B2B platforms of all time globally.

You might know some of the B2B platforms on the list, but of course, others may surprise you!

Top 10 B2B platforms of all time

Online B2B Platforms

Alibaba is the best online B2B platform that left a mark on the world. The website was established in 1999 b Jack Ma and a few of his associates. Today, it is known as the king of the B2B platforms. 

Finding suppliers from Alibaba might be a new experience, but it will be a rewarding one. Alibaba works in more than 240 countries and caters to almost all product types. This Chinese e-commerce company has the sixth-highest global brand valuation, as per Wikipedia. 

TradeWheel: is the fastest-growing B2B platform among them all. Tradewheel was fortunate in earning the trust of international wholesale traders and that at an early stage. This is why they devote their success to their unique approach and focus on customer service. Tradewheel was founded in 2003 and now caters to more than 37 industry domains. 

From electronics to apparel and cosmetics, you can find wholesale traders of every industry gaining from this platform. Providing more than 700 K inquiries every month, this American company has paved its way in the top 10 B2B platforms of all-time list. To seize the small and middle-sized enterprises, it offers three different paid membership packages. As a result, they have high SMEs traffic from all over the world.

Made in China:

Established in China, it is a third-party B2B e-commerce website known to offer reasonable online marketing solutions. Their website structure has 27 categories. These categories are further divided into 3,600 sub-categories to meet the different requirements of customers. 

The thing about Made in China is that it only caters to only Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. The website aims to make Chinese markets more open to the world. 


You might be hearing the name Cogobuy for the first time, but it is no alien to those who know the top B2B platforms of the world.

Cogobuy is among the top three B2B e-commerce websites in China. The website cashes on the high global demand for small-to-medium electronics manufacturers. For this reason, it mainly promotes computer and telecommunication hardware.

A famous American multinational company that helps wholesale traders to reach global markets. But Amazon is not only for wholesale world but is also an active part of the manufacturer-to-consumer industry. The company operates as a well-established online marketplace, live-streaming platform, and cloud computing platform. 

Like any other website, you will have to sign up and create an account at Amazon. Wholesalers can join and promote their products on Amazon for as low as $39.99 monthly fee.

ThomasNet is one of the well-known B2B Marketplaces lists. It is an American company built in 1898 by Harvey Mark Thomas and now has over a million active users. In particular, ThomasNet enjoys the presence of over 2M active suppliers and 3.5M potential buyers, which will get you to your goals. 

Having a deep experience of the international trade world, ThomasNet delivers excellent services. The website concentrates on promoting suppliers and allowing businesses to discover American manufacturers. Entrepreneurs or businesses can sign up for free to create an account. This will help visitors to search for the supplier and their offered products.

the next one on our list of top 10 B2B platforms of all time is one of the retail-focused B2B exchange websites, Joor. Traders trust it to connect brands and retailers worldwide and deliver a wholesome experience, from start to the end. 

The website has proudly gathered more than 155,000 global wholesale suppliers and 1,500 worldwide leading brands on one page. Although Joor operates from Newyork, it has offices at various fashion hubs, including Miami, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles.

Global Sources is serving its customers in the bulk trading industry since 1996. It is arguably the oldest online platform that grew popular across the world. Operated from Hong Kong, Global sources aims at helping international traders to win new markets. 

This website has over 1.4 million foreign buyers. Their wholesale customer directory has many big sharks of the wholesale industry. GlobalSources offers suppliers a free signup option. With the free account, suppliers can list up to 100 products. Although the website is available globally, most of its suppliers’ base is from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


eBay is another one of the American companies that are making huge waves across the world. From having 117 M active buyers to scoring up to $422M revenue dollars in-app downloading, eBay has created a huge impact in every region. As a result, the company attracts a vast proportion of online users easily. 

The prices here are competitive along with its many packages– discounted, premium, and special offers. The beauty of eBay lies in its careful management of supply and demand.

The last one on our list today is Kinnek. A superb online B2B platform that focuses on providing to small or medium-sized enterprises. Certainly, what makes it different is that it religiously reviews all the suppliers. Before getting a spot on this platform, each supplier has to go through a reliability check. 

The suppliers only pay a small monthly fee against their listings. In return, they receive quality buying requests. Kinnek encourages buyers to search for their preferred suppliers and hit it off with supplier profiles that they deem okay. 

Wrapping up:

Considering the narrow gap in performance of the websites, awarding someone with a first degree is quite tricky. We can’t say for sure which website among these top 10 B2B platforms takes the trophy home, but certainly, we can say that these websites surely help businesses reach the next level. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these online B2B platforms or any other options you would like us to add here. 

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