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Top 5 Front End Development Trends of 2020


Front End Development Trends

As it is being said that Developers are the builders of tomorrow. But developers always need to match the rhythms with emerging technologies of the ever-changing IT market. They often need to stay updated with frequent utilization of APIs, and all other libraries. Every Software development company keeps equal priority on front-end and back-end developments.

However, we are noticing that the fast pacing of the front-end technologies is due to the trending technologies, the definition of the Full-stack developer is varying every now and then. Considering predefined front-end technologies and their specific framework will make us far behind the competition. All the businesses should opt for smarter solutions by appointing Full-stack developers who carry the knowledge of both front-end as well as back-end technologies.

In case, if you haven’t kept the consideration of the current trend and one is not aware of what is worth using and what can be stopped using should take a short guide of all the trends of front-end technologies in 2020.

1. JavaScript remains on the top:

JavaScript remains one of the most popular programming languages in today’s time and managed to stay on top in the past 5 years. There’s no doubt about why? JavaScript has tons of libraries and frameworks that are suitable and any developer can find one that suits the requirement of the project. As per the Stack Overflow survey in 2017, there are 64,000 JavaScript developers. However, the popular stand-off between Angular and React JS framework is far from over.  Few other popular JavaScript frameworks that one can consider are Meteor, ember, vuejs, Aurelia, Polymer and Knockout.js

2. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

It is believed after 2020, there will be several companies where interaction will be done without talking to the in-person on the company end. Chatbots will be the technology in place to replace this. There are various chatbots there and the customers are becoming friendly if their questions are being answered by the chatbots rather than a living identity. The only problem that stands here is the quality of the interaction.

Along with the chatbots, technology such as Artificial Intelligence is also growing rapidly and improving the quality of the chatbots. AI is already creating qualitative new front-end technologies. So, it depends on us whether to choose the existing updates or would like to wait to get a bit more of the proof before you make up the mind.

3. Progressive Web Apps:

According to a survey, many people acknowledge that they spend the time of 1-3 hours each day on their smartphones. No developer or the company has the right to hurt the potential users which is the reason why mobile application development has been one of the front-end development trends for the past so many years.

Here Progressive Web Apps are the web applications that are identical from the native apps to the users. The main advantage of Progressive Web apps is they are fast, they load in seconds, and even doesn’t require an internet connection to operate properly. Moreover, a radical improvement in the user experience is one more advantage of Progressive Web Apps.

4. Using the ES module:

Currently, all the web browsers are allowing ES modules to work and Node.js has already added an ES module to support Node.js. In upcoming years, WebAssembly will have ES module integration. Due to this, it will be good for the front-end developers to integrate the ES module in the collection. ES module introduces a standard system to JavaScript and it is essential when a front-end developer is working on any relevant front-end project.

Using the ES module, there is a better way of organizing all the variables and functions. This module will assist in grouping all the variables and functions that are compatible with each other and they make sense to go together.

5. Motion UI:

Motion UI is one thing new that happened in front-end technologies. It’s can make any website stand out from the ordinary. This allows the developers to add several animations to the website and make it pleasant to use. By improving user experience leads to an increase in the conversion rate as well. Initially, developers can add transitions to the pages and charts.

The main reason for the Motion UI is that it is constantly gaining popularity that till tool allows all the developers to add the animation without containing more strong knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery in detail.

What is the importance of Front-end in Web development?

Front-end Web development Trend

According to the Web design statistics, it has been noticed that around 90 % of the users continue shopping from the website because of its intriguing design and enticing features. It makes you wonder to know that people form their opinion about the website in just 0.05 seconds. You can imagine how important the website look matters and helpful in generating the customer-base. It would be of no use if your website has astounding features inside but an average front-end design. Therefore, keeping a consistent focus on UI/UX is also remains significant.

Although it is not the right thing to say, unfortunately, nowadays, people judge the book just by its covers. The same happens with your website as well. Therefore, it is much important to comprehend that your website should have an appealing and eye-catching look to stay competitive in the business market.

In addition to that, there are also some other factors that play quite a comfortable role in this activity. These include fast loading speed, user experience, content, images, color, responsive design. The right mix of all these things would make you win the game.

Talking about some other facts of Front-end, around 47% of people expect your website should load in less than 2 seconds. That means you need to take care of loading speed as well to avoid customer loss.


In a nutshell, front-end development has a lot of scope in upcoming years for developing consistent and smooth user-experience for businesses around the globe. In this fast-paced digital world, the conversion rate of the website also depends on other essential factors such as request-handling capacity, and usability.

Front-end is considered as a gateway for the viewer and helps the entrepreneur in converting the viewers into customers. This eventually helps in increasing brand awareness as well.

Author Bio:

Tarun Gurang – Digital Marketing Manager

Tarun Gurang is a senior digital marketing manager at Angular web development company – iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd, having years of experience in SEO, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, FB advertising and other digital marketing strategies.



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