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Should Local Businesses in Toronto Focus on B2B or B2C Marketing?


Toronto is at the heart of Canada’s business ecosystem, acting as the nexus between clients, companies, and communities. This fast-growing global city is a flourishing marketplace for businesses both small and large. There are several rising small businesses across Toronto. These businesses accelerate change in emerging areas, exemplify the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and vibrancy of Canada. These businesses are well received by Canadians and have great potential to contribute to the thriving businesses community.

It gives people a broad business mix, exceptional career opportunities, and inspiring and diverse communities. But it also affects businesses as they can be overwhelmed with the competition. However, this does not mean that small businesses in Toronto should give up hope and settle for lesser opportunities. 

Small Businesses Have Better Chances Now Than Ever Before

In fact, the competitive nature of businesses provides a much better opportunity for companies to grow. By adapting to the latest trends and adopting an efficient marketing strategy businesses can outrun competitors. Hence they must take this opportunity to capture the enormous benefits of digital marketing, web design, web development, etc. These innovative strategies will help them stay relevant to the current times, which is going digital.

Local business owners in Toronto must make dramatic shifts in their mindsets, marketing strategies, and execution plans. One such marketing strategy that has immense potential is the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) models. By harnessing the power of these digital marketing techniques, businesses can uncover valuable lessons. They can significantly increase revenue, make better lead generations, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

We will analyze how local businesses in Toronto can make the best out of it. But first, let us understand what B2B and B2C marketing really mean.

Business-to-business (B2B) Marketing

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is leveraged when a business sells its services or product to another business. For example, there are several wholesale stores and businesses in Toronto that sell their product directly to other businesses. Take Chef’s Depot in Toronto for instance, they are a business that sells wholesale groceries to restaurants. This is another form of a business establishment. Restaurants or retail outlets usually buy goods in bulk from Chef’s Depot, because they can buy these products at a lower price. Therefore, the marketing strategy implemented by such a business will be entirely different from a B2C model. The audience within a B2B segment is other businesses or organizations. Therefore, B2B marketing tends to target only decision makers or executives. For the above example, we can say chefs or restaurant managers, who make decisions on behalf of that organization.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) Marketing

On the other hand, B2C companies must focus only on individual consumers or even groups of people. Hence, they should completely avoid implementing marketing strategies that focus on businesses. The experts doing web design in Toronto and digital marketing agencies must therefore create solutions for such businesses with a personal touch. The website, marketing strategies, social media networks, etc must be appealing to individual visitors. It must address their needs, provide solutions and improve their satisfaction. Such custom-made websites and digital marketing solutions will have a significant influence on the individuals purchasing decisions, hence determining if they are a potential customer or not.

Businesses Have To Focus On Different Buyer Personas

B2B and B2C marketing entirely depends on the type of business you run and the audiences you target. There are both B2B and B2C markets in Toronto, therefore businesses must adopt a unique marketing strategy in order to make profits. First of all, local businesses must establish a presence for their online brand among their community. Then businesses must identify their customer’s unique needs, challenges, market trends, and demands. Here are some ways local businesses in Toronto can evolve to meet B2B or B2C demands.

The online websites of businesses must provide accurate and informative product or service descriptions, especially for B2B customers. This is because a B2C customer would not need tons of information or a business executive to guide them through the purchase. But this is entirely different for a B2B customer since B2B services are more expensive and done in bulk, therefore, other business owners might need to confer with your representative, get detailed and more informative insights from the websites before they decide on a purchase. 

B2B Purchasing is a More Comprehensive Process

B2B customers will have to consult with other board members in the company, make decisions based on financial data, and come to logical conclusions. These differences in the purchase funnel will significantly influence the marketing behind a campaign or web design. With B2C marketing, business owners in Toronto will have to evoke an emotional response to showcase how their service or product will make a customer’s life better. Whereas B2B marketing should precisely highlight how a product or service can enhance business productivity, customer satisfaction, employee efficiency, and drive more revenue.

The Marketing Platform Implemented Plays a Significant Role

Another important distinction between B2B and B2C marketing is the physical location or online platform where purchases, as well as sales, take place. As mentioned earlier, B2B solutions need to be thoroughly analyzed, tested, and verified before making the purchase. Therefore, it tends to have a much longer, consultative sales process that could take place over several emails, face-to-face meetings, in-shop visits, etc. Hence the marketing campaign for B2B must be done in such a way that it brings more customers to your physical store, try a demo of your offering, and much more.  But B2C companies in Toronto will not require such detailed processes since the products or services are often sold online through well-optimized e-commerce websites or directly through local outlets.

The Relationship Between Customer and Business Varies

Unlike B2B marketing, B2C will not have to focus on retaining their existing customers for the long term. Local B2B companies must develop marketing strategies that sustain the business-client relationship. While local B2C marketing should be more focused on delivering repeat sales. This means that local B2B companies must leverage digital marketing services, web design, development, and data analytics to significantly nurture business relationships and increase brand loyalty. Such a business website must offer attentive customer service, new product updates, and high-quality informative content. On the other hand, a B2C consumer tends to make purchases more frequently. Therefore they would require frequent exposure to creative ads, offers, promotions, and much more that inspire them to make another purchase. As a result, B2C marketing in Toronto should mostly make use of digital strategies such as paid ads, social media marketing, and seasonal promotions.


It is imperative that local businesses in Toronto understand the differences between B2B and B2C marketing. By understanding the difference, businesses can make use of the best strategy to meet customer demands. Also, at the end of the day, every local business and small business in Toronto must have a well-optimized website.  Businesses must ensure websites are SEO relevant, informative, appealing, and customer-oriented. Regardless of whether your brand requires B2B or B2C, your digital marketing strategy and online presence should strive to build a loyal, satisfied customer base. If your business can gain the trust of these customers, then it can perform exceptionally well among local communities. For both large and small businesses in Toronto, the answer to increasing revenue, meeting client demands, and gaining trust is to know your audience and provide tailored solutions for them.

Author Bio:

Cindy Williams - A blogger in Canada

Cindy Williams is a blogger in Canada. She is working as an outreach coordinator for Web Sharx, a company offering web development in Toronto. She graduated with honors from the University of British Columbia with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.


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