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How Has Taxi Dispatch Software Affected the Taxi Industry?


Taxis have grown in popularity not only in one country or city, but all over the world. The simplicity of booking a cab instantly has boosted demand for ride-hailing services, making the taxi industry one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors.

Uber, Lyft, Ola, and other taxi dispatch software companies are excellent examples of how a taxi dispatch software can make a significant impact in how a taxi service operates in today’s competitive market.

The Importance of Taxi Dispatch Software

One of the most important and difficult difficulties that any taxi company suffers is the slowness and incapability that emerges during the manual dispatch procedure.

The broadcast of a customer’s location and details is frequently misunderstood, generating major frustration for both drivers and customers. A successful taxi dispatch system ensures that all of the concerns listed above are solved by providing the best solution capable of giving dispatchers complete control over the cabs dispatched to each customer.

Because of this, taxi dispatch software helps the complete ride-hailing business run smoothly.

Benefits to Your Taxi Service

You can improve your back-end dispatching and give your customers more accurate information by using taxi dispatch software. Like any vehicle management systems, the program aims to prevent missed reservations and improve data for drivers and dispatchers. Not all taxi dispatch software is created equal. On the other hand, the bulk of taxi dispatch and fleet management software offers a few essential advantages.

1. Real-time taxi tracking

Smart taxi dispatch software will provide you with a precise GPS location so that you can optimise your journeys in a particular area. To effectively split responsibilities, you can employ real-time GPS monitoring or have an automated service do it for you. This is especially important if you want to keep track of your fleet as you grow your taxi service to other locations.

2. Set up automatic payments

The majority of taxi dispatch software may take a range of payment methods or transmit them to a third-party service. Rather than having a separate programme to process payments, everything could be done through a single piece of software.

3. Improving client service

Taxis can be booked in a variety of ways by customers. Whether they come through a mobile app, a phone call, a website, or someplace else entirely, all booking requests should be able to be incorporated into a taxi dispatch software. Customers who can check availability and understand the regulations are more likely to book a room. It will also aid in the setting of clear expectations for the journey as well as the improvement of customer service.

4. Number four is usability.

Using a cab dispatch service can help you save time and money by reducing paperwork and optimising scheduling. Some service providers will just keep track of your reservation and contact you later to confirm it. Other services might be able to help you automate the whole thing. The software will digitally capture the information and assign a shift to the nearest available driver in a given location. As a result, both the driver and the dispatcher save time.

5. Detect Risky Driving

Advanced taxi dispatch software can help you avoid aggressive driving, even though not all taxi dispatch software can. The software can keep track of speeding, hard braking, working hours, and other events.
The number six spot belongs to cloud computing.
The majority of cab dispatch services are cloud-based, meaning your information is saved on computers rather than on a single device. As your company grows, you won’t need to keep that data on-site because you’ll be able to access it from anywhere. You can either purchase cloud storage separately or have it included as part of your cab dispatch software package.

7. The ability to expand

Operating a cab service necessitates a significant amount of labour. Uber and Lyft, as well as other cab services, are posing a significant threat to the taxi industry. You must be able to compete with organisations that have software solutions for their dispatch services if you want to stay competitive and grow your business. You can extend your operations and automate services with the right taxi dispatch service. These services can aid in the expansion and growth of your business, as well as the enhancement of fleet performance.

8. It can be used in a variety of situations.

Each passenger market is unique. A taxi dispatch service can assist you in adjusting to a new environment, from airport transfers and pickups to competing in areas with limited public transportation. A taxi dispatch service, for example, can let you compare prices between cities.

Features of the Driver Application:

  • Credentials must be safeguarded, and deception by interpreters must be prohibited.

  • If a driver needs to stop, has an emergency, or is stopped in traffic, the system should be able to redirect the passenger to a nearby cab.

  • To keep drivers pleased, statistical information on compensation and commissions should be provided.

  • It should be able to show historical data, such as the number of rides and distance travelled.

  • Date, time, month, and year should all be able to retrieve statistical data.

  • A passenger waiting for a ride on the side of the road can be picked up by the motorist. At the end of the journey, the passenger will be informed about the service, which will help to retain customers.

Passengers’ Application:

  • The Passenger App should be easy to use and allow consumers to order a cab fast. The user should be irritated by the application.
  • Booking a cab should be a straightforward process that enables people to see what will happen at each stage.
  • To ensure that customers are comfortable, they should be directed through each stage. The instruction should be flat for easier comprehension.
  • Every passenger should have a login credential, but they should be able to log in fast and simply via Facebook, Google+, or another secure manner, unlike the driver programme.
  • A passenger can create a group of known people ahead of time, and everyone in the group will be able to see what the passenger is doing. Trips, number of rides, emergency notice, distance, and a variety of other criteria are all taken into account.
  • To pay, a traveller should be able to conveniently fill his or her wallet. The wallet transaction will be beneficial and time-saving.
  • Refer and earn is a function that keeps users interested with the app even when they are not travelling.
  • In the same way that a driver can see their historical statistics, a passenger should be able to do so as well.
  • The amount of money they spent as well as the distance they travelled should be included in the historical data.
  • Passengers should be given the opportunity to leave feedback and evaluations about the trip.
  • The feedback and ratings will help taxi companies improve their overall performance.
  • It will improve the experiences of both taxi companies and their clients.

Control Panel for Admins:

  • The Admin Panel will have full access to the system, allowing an administrator to stay on top of things. They will be given a dashboard to use in order to flawlessly administer the system.
  • It should make it easier to categorize customers depending on their actions.
  • Customers who have been categorized should be rewarded for their involvement in the system.
  • The administrator should be able to see real-time updates of the entire system, such as the most popular city with the highest level of customer involvement at any particular time.
  • It will help with the distribution of more cabs in that hot zone, as well as the retention of customers.
  • Depending on their demands, businesses should have the option of adopting an automatic or manual dispatching system.
  • The administrator should be able to monitor the driver’s activity, live updates, and progress details on a daily basis.
  • Customers should be able to contact a toll-free number supplied by the admin to book a cab to the pick-up location.
  • Based on the activities of the drivers, the admin may be able to make changes to the procedure.


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