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Noteworthy Takeaways That You Shouldn’t Want To Miss Out On In Your On-demand Alcohol Delivery App Development


On-demand Alcohol Delivery App Development

In-store buying is becoming a thing of the past, and the COVID-19 pandemic has sealed the fate of conventional businesses. The shift from offline to online became a need rather than a luxury amid the outbreak situation. The necessity to stay indoors, coupled with long queues in front of retail stores, has propelled the popularity of on-demand delivery apps. One such category of delivery apps that has garnered a massive customer base in this lockdown season is the alcohol delivery apps.

With major liquor stores and pubs closed indefinitely as a measure to curb virus transactions, on-demand liquor delivery apps like Drizly, Saucey, etc., have witnessed unprecedented traffic. However, even after nations begin to relax lockdowns, these platforms’ popularity never seems to fade away.

So, are you an entrepreneur who aims to capitalize on this trend by rolling out an alcohol delivery app? If so, are you aware of the key aspects that can assure you success with your Uber for alcohol delivery service app? Explore more to find out the success formula.

#1 Better clarity eliminates substantial errors 

As an entrepreneur, you need to work extensively if you were to successfully transform your visions and ideas into reality. One fundamental question that you need the best answer is the reasons for your investment. Here are some compelling stats to help you gain better clarity on the market scope,

  • The global alcohol market was valued at $1.2 trillion in 2017. Within seven years, these numbers will rise significantly, reaching a whopping $1.629 trillion valuation in 2024 (Source: GlobeNewswire).
  • The online alcohol sales witnessed a 32.7% YoY (Year over Year) growth in 2017, accounting for nearly $1.7 billion in sales in the US (Source: Slice).
  • Drizly, the famous alcohol delivery app, witnessed a tremendous 350% increase in sales since last year due to the lockdown situation (Source: Drizly).
  • Moreover, Drizly has witnessed the average order sales increase by 29%. The AOV was $52 in 2019 and $67 in 2020 (Source: General Counsel at Drizly).

These are befitting reasons that the market is projecting a positive trajectory for years to come. There cannot be an ideal time to venture into the sector.

#2 Focus on your USPs to ensure success 

Why should users switch from existing apps to your app? What difference does your on-demand platform make to their lives? For instance, Uber made taxi services affordable, convenient, and reliable. Following Uber, a sea of entrepreneurs stormed into the on-demand taxi sector, but only a handful of them have emerged successful. Hence, it is vital to integrate USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) into your alcohol delivery application. They include,

  • Reorder: Users find it challenging to browse and add different products to their cart once again. Enable them to reorder from their order history with just a few taps.
  • Advanced search bar: Ensure that you include an ultra-modern search bar that categorizes alcoholic beverages, liquor stores, and many more effortlessly. This way, users intend to arrive at their desired search results in a flash.
  • In-app wallet: Users needn’t enter their account details every time during payment. By transferring money to their in-built e-wallet, they can pay for their orders with just a few taps.
  • Multilingual support: Let users access the alcohol delivery platform in the language of their choice. This way, you can attract the local audience as well as establish a global presence.

Discuss with your technical team to assess your USPs’ feasibility before integrating them into your mobile application.

#3 COVID-19 safety add-ons help you gain trust 

It is vital to ensure the sustainability of your alcohol delivery app to enjoy lucrative profits. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to safeguard the entire community by integrating COVID-19 safety add-ons during your on-demand alcohol delivery app development. 

  • Contactless deliveries: Instruct your delivery team to drop orders in front of customer homes rather than handing them over directly. This way, by avoiding any form of contact between drivers and customers, you can prevent virus transmission in your community.
  • Face mask recognition software: Automate the process of verifying delivery drivers for their safety standards by incorporating a face mask recognition software. This way, the platform detects delivery drivers for their safety standards, eliminating the verification process by the admin.
  • Safety ratings and reviews: Take corrective action by hearing what your customers had to say about your safety standards. This way, you can keep service quality in check by eliminating/removing those members who aren’t abiding by safety guidelines.


The alcohol delivery app market forecasts exponential growth in the upcoming years and expects new players to explore and gain a stronghold of the market share. You can roll out an app like Drizly in no time by reaching out to the right app development company. Come up with inquisitive ideas, gain better clarity, tackle the COVID-19 situation, and gain a massive audience base in the shortest time possible.


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