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Complete Fix to SQL Database Not Synchronizing Recovery Pending


Fix to SQL Database Not Synchronizing Recovery Pending

SQL database management system is one of the most complex management systems in the world. This is because it goes to various states/modes while in use. Moreover, if any inconsistency occurs in the functioning of the database it can lead to inaccessible and damaged SQL servers. You may also face the problem of SQL database not synchronizing recovery pending. This problem can be faced by anyone and it can certainly be solved by forceful repair or any type of detachment in the database.

This problem of SQL server recovery pending is so complex that even after doing a reboot you can face the issue of “SQL recovery pending after reboot”. So to solve this problem completely first let’s look at various states/modes in SQL.

When an SQL server cannot be accessed it is generally due to Corruption or a damaged database. So the different states which you can face are:-

  1. Online– This state occurs when one of the data files is damaged or cannot be accessed while executing any query but the database will remain accessible.
  2. Suspect state- This mode occurs when one is not able to recover the database moreover you will face the issue of SQL recovery pending after reboot.
  3. Recovery Pending– This state occurs when the recovery is needed but the SQL server is not able to restart, in other words, the SQL database not synchronizing and recovery is pending.

Reasons behind the SQL database not synchronizing recovery pending

  1. When running any query or transaction in log files the query may be very long resulting in the crashing of the database.
  2. The database is not shut down and there may be any query still pending in the server.
  3. The storage space in the database would not be much and too many log file transactions can cause SQL server recovery pending state.
  4. The log files in the SQL server may get corrupt while moving them from one drive to another.

Top ways to fix SQL database not synchronizing recovery pending

Method 1. Initiate forceful repair

Before initiating the forceful repair mark the database in the emergency mode so that it grants sole authority to system administrators. After using the database in emergency mode run the command  DBCC Check DB with “REPAIR ALLOW DATA LOSS”. Execute the following query to make the database accessible:-



ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set single_user




ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set multi_user


Note: DBName here stands for your database name.

Method 2. Detach the database and then reattach it

This method also requires setting a database in emergency mode and then take the database offline and then bring it back online.

Execute the following queries to fix SQL recovery pending after reboot and remove corrupt files from the server.


ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set multi_user

EXEC sp_detach_db ‘ [DBName] ’

EXEC sp_attach_single_file_DB @DBName = ‘[DBName]’, @physname = N'[MDFpath]’

Note: MDF path is the path where the MDF file is stored.

The problem which you can face while using manual query solutions:-

  • There is no guarantee that the database will be recovered.
  • It can take time to execute the queries which can be a difficult task.
  • Prior technical knowledge may be required to execute the methods.

Method 3. All in one solution to synchronize the recovery 

One of the best ways to remove corrupt files and fix the problem of SQL database not synchronizing recovery pending is through an SQL server database recovery tool. It can swiftly restore corrupt MDF files while making the database accessible.

Benefits of using this method:-

  1. It can recover all corrupt database objects like tables, records, rules, functions, etc.
  2. It comes with 2 recovery modes-standard and advanced to deal with different levels of corruption.
  3. It maintains the integrity of data and saves from data loss.
  4. It offers to preview the recovered data before allowing you to save the data at the defined location.
  5. Very easy to use method and does not require any prior technical knowledge.


The problem of SQL server recovery pending certainly solvable and this issue can happen to anyone. It would be better to know the various state involved in SQL server recovery to better understand the problem. You can certainly run the various command and queries like DBCC check DB if you have good knowledge of running the SQL. But It would be best to recover the database through a fast method like an SQL recovery tool as it repairs the corrupt MDF files as well as recover the files from the database. Follow the above guideline and you will be able to certainly solve the problem of  SQL database not synchronizing recovery pending.


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