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How to create a promotional video


Create a promotional video using tools.

We all know that videos are a great promotion tool for brands and companies. They attract people’s attention and stimulate their interest. The videos are one of the most effective marketing tools, and I recommend them for your marketing strategy. Creating and disseminating promotional videos is one of the most effective ways of marketing. A promotional video is not a classic video, but it is a video that aims to tell a story to convey the values and principles of the product you want to sell.

What is a promotional video?

The promotional video is a video whose primary purpose is to promote a specific marketing initiative, whether it is a sale, a discount or an event. To sum up, a promotional video is a type of video that falls within a short time frame, usually within thirty seconds and in any case never above one minute, which aims to spread a message containing a particular promotion regarding your company or your products. The main goal of a promotional video is to increase engagement and sales. Consequently, it is an excellent marketing tool to inform and increase brand awareness without forgetting the important impact on customer loyalty.

Why make a promotional video?

The answer to why making a promotional video is pretty trivial because they work. Try to think at the marketing level: do you like to go into a store with promotions? The answer is almost always yes. It helps build customer loyalty. The promotional videos also serve to convince customers. Statistics show that people tend to buy more when there is a coupon or sale. The users are often willing to give you a few seconds of their time because they will get something in return, usually a discount code or information to get a promotion. Want one more reason to make promotional videos? They are a funny and effective way of spreading your product or service.

What Makes a Good Promotional Video?

Here are the principles to keep in mind to be able to create a compelling promotional video:

Think in teaser mode.

When you shoot the movie or create a storyboard, you don’t have to detail how products or services work. You are just offering a promotion that will attract attention. You will need to be quick and get straight to the point. The best choice is to use shortcuts and catchy titles.


Do not get distracted and do not distract the viewer. Your promotional video must contain a topic, explain it quickly, and never go off the topic. If you are promoting an event, make sure to answer the most common questions: when will it take place? What will be done? Will there be special guests?

The importance of graphics.

Involve a graphic designer if necessary or an editing specialist to use visually compelling and memorable titles. Create different versions of videos for social media. It is not essential to have a business to propose to make a promotional video. You can also create them to intrigue and strengthen the image of your company.

How to make a promotional video?

What are the main elements you need to know and respect? If you want to know how to make a promotional video step by step, follow our guide. We will explain every fundamental step to engage your audiences.

1. Plan a strategy

Whatever tool we use, whatever content we publish, and whatever message we communicate, the starting point is always one: strategy. What goals should your video achieve? What message should it communicate? How will it be conveyed? What is the target you will need to speak to? How well do you know him? A successful promotional video is based on a good starting strategy.

2. What message do you need to communicate?

What is the message you need to communicate? How to structure the video? How to articulate the narrative? How do you tell the message? Remember that the first 5 seconds of a promotional video are essential to attract people, intrigue them and convince them to view the rest of the content.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Get straight to the point.
  • Speak plain and straightforward.
  • Avoid confusion, redundancy and unnecessary digressions.
  • Take care of the title, description and thumbnail.
  • As for Facebook and the Instagram feed, always use subtitles because people are used to viewing content without audio.

3. Determine the length of the video

How long should the video last? You have to establish this before you start shooting it and you have to do it concerning three parameters:

1. Content

What content are you posting? Is it in-depth information content? A tutorial? A Storytelling video? A video launch? Depending on the content you post, you have to decide the depth of the topic and, therefore, the video’s duration.

2. Habits of the target customers.

What are the habits of the target audience? Are you used to in-depth content or do you prefer quick and clear messages?

3. Medium

What is the medium? Posting a video for YouTube is not like posting it on Instagram or posting it on Facebook. YouTube prefers in-depth content while Instagram has a 90-second limit in the feed. Facebook, on the other hand, is suitable for both entertainment content and in-depth content, which however, should not exceed 4/5 minutes, a period in which the user manages to keep his attention alive.

4. Take care of the video quality

Quality today is a fundamental aspect for a successful promotional video because it gives the video professionalism and affects both the perception of the content and the reliability of the message communicated. Therefore, pay attention to the lighting, audio, filming, editing. Here I would say FlexClip is a free online video editor that worth mentioning. With the preset promotional video templates, you are able to make a stunning marketing video in a few clicks.

5. Never forget the Call To Action

A successful promotional video is one that knows the target. Therefore, it is essential to insert the Call To Action at the end of the video. The CTA, or the call to action, must be clear, simple, incisive, and must guide people to take the behavior you want.

To sum up

Would you like to create promotional videos to increase brand awareness, present a new product or increase sales? Thanks to a well-structured promotional campaign and modern video sharing platforms (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Google Video, etc.) it is possible to boost your business. Also, learn How to Create a Promo Video to Boost Your Sale? Now it’s your turn. Set yourself goals and create a video marketing campaign to achieve them.

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