Tuesday, October 3, 2023

LTE in Russia



Europe – EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)
RussiaBelarusian Cloud Technologies
   Testing LTE-AdvancedLTE-1700,1800,2500,2600
RussiaMegaFonIn ServiceSep-1021MbpsIn Service Sept 2012
LTE-Adv Feb 2014
LTE-800 FDD & TDD (38)
RussiaMobile TeleSystems /MTSIn ServiceDec-1021MbpsIn Service Sept 2012LTE-800, 2600 FDD & TDD
RussiaOJSC Osnova Telekom   Pre-commercialLTE-2300
RussiaRostelecom (WiMAX to LTE)In ServiceNov-1221MbpsIn Service June 2013LTE-2300
RussiaSkylink (CDMA)   In TrialLTE-450
RussiaSibirtelecom/Svyazinvest   PlannedLTE-800, 2600
RussiaSmoltelecom   PlannedLTE-800, 2600 TDD
RussiaTele2 Russia   In TrialLTE 1800
RussiaVainakh Telecom   In Service Sept 2013LTE-2300 TDD (40)
RussiaVimpelCom / BeelineIn ServiceApr-1221MbpsIn Service May 2013LTE-2600
RussiaYota Networks (WiMAX)   In Service Jan 2012
TEST LTE-A Oct 2012
LTE-2500, 2600

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