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LTE in Brazil


1:VivoGSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)
850/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+
700/1800/2600 MHz LTE
73.7 (Dec 2016)Telefónica (73.68%)
2:TIMGSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)
850/900/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+
700/1800/2600 MHz LTE
66.2 (Dec 2015)Telecom Italia (67%)
3:ClaroGSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)
850/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+
700/1800/2600 MHz LTE
65.9 (Dec 2015)América Móvil
4:OiGSM-1800 (GPRS, EDGE)
2600 MHz LTE
48.0 (Dec 2015)Oi (55%), Altice (25%), BNDES (20%)
5:NextelIDENbeing phased out
(roams on Vivo where there’s no Nextel coverage)
800planned/1800 MHz LTE
2.5 (Dec 2015)NII Holdings
6:Algar Telecom
(formerly CTBC)
GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)
1800 MHz LTE
1.3 (Dec 2015)Grupo Algar
0.06 (Dec 2015)Londrina city, Copel
Source: wikipedia

CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)
BrazilClaro BrazilIn Service 2007Aug-1121MbpsIn Service Dec 2012LTE-2600 FDD
BrazilCTBC Telecom / Algar TelecomIn Service 2008Nov-1121MbpsPlannedLTE-850, 1800
BrazilNextelIn Service 2012  In Service June 2014LTE-1800
BrazilOn Telecomunicações   In Service Mar 2013LTE-2600 TDD (38)
BrazilOiIn Service 2008  In Service Apr 2013LTE-2600
BrazilSercomtel CelularIn Service 2008  Planned 
BrazilSky Telecom (Broadband)   In Service Dec 2011LTE-2500 TDD (38)
BrazilTIM BrasilIn Service 2008Oct-1221MbpsIn Service Apr 2013LTE-2600 (7)
BrazilVivoIn Service 2007Nov-1121MbpsIn Service Apr 2013LTE-2600 (7)

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