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LTE in Eastern Europe

LTE in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) Bosnia Herz.GSM BiHIn Service  Planned 2014 Bosnia Herz.Mobilne Sprske (mtel)In Service  Planned 2014 

LTE in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) BulgariaGloBulIn Service  Planned 2014 BulgariaMax Telecom   In Service May 2014LTE-1800BulgariaM-TelIn ServiceSep-0942MbpsPilot NetworkLTE-1800BulgariaVivatelIn ServiceFeb-1342MbpsPlanned 2014 

LTE in Croatia

Croatia Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) CroatiaTele2In ServiceDec-1021Mbps  CroatiaCroatian Telekom (T-Mobile) T-HrvatskiIn ServiceOct-1221MbpsIn Service Mar 2012LTE-800, 1800CroatiaVelatel (Novi-net)   PlannedLTE-3500 TDDCroatiaVIPnetIn ServiceDec-0942MbpsIn Service Mar 2012LTE-800, 1800

LTE in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) Czech RepublicMobilkom Czech Republic   Potential LicenseLTE-800,1800, 2600Czech RepublicTelefonica O2 Czech RepublicIn ServiceApr-1342MbpsIn Service June 2012LTE-1800Czech RepublicT-Mobile Czech RepublicIn ServiceNov-1042MbpsIn Service...

LTE in Estonia

Estonia Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) EstoniaElisaIn ServiceApr-1021MbpsIn Service Feb 2013LTE-800,1800, 2600EstoniaEMT / Telia SoneraIn ServiceNov-0921MbpsIn Service Dec 2010LTE-Advanced Aug 2014LTE-800, 1800, 2600EstoniaTallinn 3G MobileIn Service    EstoniaTele2In...

LTE in Georgia

Georgia Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) GeorgiaA-MobileIn Service    GeorgiaAquafonIn Service    GeorgiaGeocellIn ServiceJul-1221MbpsPlanned 2013 GeorgiaMagticomIn ServiceFeb-1221MbpsIn Trial 

LTE in Hungary

Hungary Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) HungaryMagyar Telekom (MT) (T-Mo)In ServiceJul-1142MbpsIn Service Jan 2012LTE-1800HungaryTelenor HungaryIn ServiceDec-1142MbpsIn Service Jul 2012LTE-1800HungaryVodafone HungaryIn ServiceFeb-1042MbpsPlanned 2013 

LTE in Kazakhstan

Kazakhastan Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) KazakhstanAltel / Kazakhtelecom (CDMA)   In Service Dec 2012LTE-1800KazakhstanKcell / GSM KazakhstanIn ServiceDec-1042MbpsPlanned KazakhstanBeeline /Kar-TelIn Service  Pilot NetworkLTE-700KazakhstanTele2 KazakhstanIn ServiceApr-1121MbpsPlanned 

LTE in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) KyrgyzstanAkTel (Fonex)Planned    KyrgyzstanKatelPlanned    KyrgyzstanMegaComIn Service  Planned 2016 KyrgyzstanNur Telecom / O!In ServiceApr-1421MbpsIn Service May 2014LTE-2600KyrgyzstanSaima Telecom   In Service Dec 2011LTE-2600KyrgyzstanSky Mobile / BeelineIn ServiceDec-1028MbpsPlanned 2016 

LTE in Kosovo

Kosovo Europe - EasternOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Spectrum (Band) KosovoIpko NetPlanned  Planned 2015LTE-2100KosovoValaPlanned  Potential LicenseLTE-2100
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