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LTE in Europe

LTE in Belgium

Belgium Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band Belgiumblite Telecom BVBA   PlannedLTE-3500 TDD (42)BelgiumBelgacom Mobile/ProximusIn ServiceJun-1342MbpsIn Service Nov 2012LTE-1800BelgiumKPN Group Belgium/BASEIn ServiceApr-1342MbpsIn Service Oct 2013LTE-1800BelgiumMobistar (France Telecom)In ServiceDec-1042MbpsIn Service Mar 2014LTE-1800,...

LTE in Cyprus

Cyprus Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band CyprusCYTA Mobile / VodafoneIn Service  Planned 2015 CyprusKibris TelsimIn Service  Planned 2015 CyprusKKT CellIn ServiceJan-1342MbpsPlanned 2015 CyprusMTN (Areeba)In ServiceMar-1221Mbps  

LTE in Denmark

Denmark Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band DenmarkHI3G Denmark / 3In ServiceJun-0921MbpsIn Service Sept 2012LTE-1800, 2600DenmarkTDC MobilIn ServiceMay-1042MbpsIn Service Oct 2011LTE-2600DenmarkTelenorIn ServiceOct-1021MbpsIn Service March 2013LTE-1800DenmarkTeliaSonera DenmarkIn Service  In Service Dec...

LTE in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band Faroe IslandsFaroese Telecom /Foroya TeleIn ServiceDec-1021Mbps  

LTE in Finland

Finland Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band FinlandAlands MobiltelefonIn Service    FinlandDatame (WiMAX)   Planned FinlandDNA Finland/OyIn ServiceOct-0942MbpsIn Service Dec 2011LTE-1800, 2600FinlandElisaIn ServiceApr-1042MbpsIn Service Dec 2010LTE-1800, 2600FinlandTDC SongPlanned    FinlandTeliaSoneraIn ServiceOct-1242MbpsIn Service Nov 2010LTE-1800, 2600

LTE in France

France Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band FranceBollore (WiMAX)   PlannedLTE-3500 (42) TDDFranceBouygues TelecomIn ServiceNov-1142MbpsIn Service May 2013 / Oct2013  LTE-Adv. June 2014LTE 1800, 2600FranceFree MobileIn ServiceJan-1242MbpsIn Service Dec 2013LTE-2600FranceOrange FranceIn...

LTE in Germany

Germany Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GermanyE-Plus (KPN)In ServiceDec-1242MbpsIn Service Mar 2014LTE-1800GermanyTelefonica 02In ServiceNov-0942MbpsIn Service July 2011VoLTE Nov 2013 LTE-A TrialLTE-800GermanyT-Mobile / DeutscheTelekomIn ServiceApr-1042MbpsIn Service Apr 2011LTE-Advanced in...

LTE in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GibraltarGibtelecom (Telekom Slovenije)In Service  Planned 2016 

LTE in Greece

Greece Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GreeceCosmoteIn ServiceMay-0942MbpsIn Service Nov 2012LTE-1800GreeceVodafone / PanafoneIn ServiceJul-0942MbpsIn Service Dec 2012LTE-1800GreeceWIND HellasIn ServiceJul-1242MbpsPlanned 2015LTE-1800

LTE in Greenland

Greenland Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GreenlandTele-Post GreenlandIn Service  In Service Dec 2013LTE-800 (20) marketerium made a real revolution in the industry.
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