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Know The Secret Sauce Of Amazon’s Advertising Strategy


Amazon is one of the only companies that can claim the title of “King of E-commerce”. Taking this position is no easy feat, the world’s largest retailer with more than 12 million items and more than 190 million people logging in daily. But how can you recreate this on a minuscule level? How can you utilize amazon to divert traffic onto your products?

The answer to your troubles is Amazon Ads. All you need is a foolproof advertising strategy, and you will be able to stand out from the crowd even without an enormous budget.

1. Use Long-Tail Advanced Amazon Keywords

If you want to find your customer base, keywords are your ride and die partner in this quest. A customer who intends to buy a particular product will use longer and more specific keywords rather than vague ones. The problem with obscure keywords for you as a seller is that multiple competing businesses use the same keyword. Similarly, for the customer, using vague keywords will overwhelm the customer with a sea of options.

For example, if you are selling a bottle, like various other sellers, your ranking chances are very slim if your keyword is just the term “bottle”. But if you use keywords such as 64 oz bottle with handle and 32 oz bottle with handle, the customer looking for the bottle with those properties can quickly locate your product. It also creates a niche because not all bottles will have the same properties as yours.

The end goal is to go after phrases that have low or no competition so that you can improve your brand awareness and boost your Amazon SERP.

2. Increase Brand Awareness With Sponsored Brands

Have you ever heard the age-old saying “out of sight, out of mind”; it is something that legitimately plays a role in business. Imagine yourself at a supermarket, looking for a particular product. You are more likely to choose something from the middle row rather than the extreme top or bottom because it is in your direct line of sight.

Your goal as a brand should be to prioritize brand awareness. Raising your brand awareness means you can transform amazon traffic into your potential customer. But how do you increase your visibility? The simple answer is Sponsored Brands.

Using ads to appear on the top of the search results can guide the customer’s eye towards your product, which may get lost among big brands.

This strategy helps customers learn more about your existence and increase sales over time.

It helps you create brand recognition. You can use a custom headline, add a logo that attracts more people to your storefront and products.

3. Increase Profit Margin By Analyzing Product Level Profitability

This step requires you to have a clear idea of your product. You know which product is your bestseller versus which product is not performing up to your expectations.

Identify which of your products are suitable for the amazon ads strategy. It would help estimate which product will potentially benefit from the PPC (pay-per-click- advertising) by assessing product level profitability.

For example, your soy wax candle costs around $3 to make and $15 for an ad to find a customer. You will have to analyze which products will have the highest profit margins. Once you have that list, you can spotlight those by running ad campaigns.

4. Advanced Amazon Ad Placement Report

The tide keeps turning in the world of e-commerce. What is successful and popular today or even this week might not be the same as last week. If you want to succeed as a seller on amazon, forget about taking a hands-off approach.

As a seller, you have to monitor, analyze and modify your ads to retain the visibility you have achieved.  Ad Placement Report is one of the most valuable reports available to you and is a must for anyone searching for advanced Amazon selling tips.

You will know which ad placements are beneficial for you and your shoppers. This report also helps you pinpoint the best-performing keywords. You can quickly figure out which keywords are providing you with a higher return on investment (ROI) and which ones are


5. Diversify Your Marketing Channels To Drive Traffic

Diversifying your advertising strategy is an intelligent decision for you to make as a seller. Although PPC campaigns on Amazon are an incredible way to raise awareness regarding your brand and drive traffic and sales, do not leave behind other marketing strategies that could heighten your profit by discovering a new audience base.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google ads, and more can drive traffic to your Amazon product.

Doing this step will lead to higher traffic quickly. The customers that these marketing channels produce have a more shopping mentality due to the structure of certain apps like Instagram and Pinterest. You can also use the rise of “influencers” on these platforms to promote your product. But proceed with caution; you should not delve into every single platform. Do your research and maintain restraint before you invest.

6. Find Your Target Audience To Reduce Unnecessary Expenditure

Find your target demographic; no matter how much you spend on marketing and advertising, it will be fruitless if you do not focus on your target audience. Let‘s assume you are selling a “wrinkle repair cream” you need to strategize so that the marketing and advertising target an older audience. Today if you advertise this to children or teenagers, you are not likely to get clicks no matter how well you have done your keyword search. Your audience is the core of your business; any other aspect is secondary in comparison.

But how do you figure out your target audience? You can identify that with online behavior and target social media platforms accordingly. For example, if your target audience is teenagers or a younger crowd, you are more likely to find them on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. If your audience is more of an older demographic, such as stay-at-home moms, you can target spaces such as Facebook.

These are the nuances that a seller needs to understand to best comprehend your customer’s behavior.

7. Construct an Attractive Advanced Amazon Landing Page That Converts

Building a landing page is not the tricky part, but how you convert it is. There are no specific guidelines, but here are some tried and tested tips that can increase your sales. It would help if you captured people’s attention; a lifeless landing page without CTA’s or no text will not do your products any favor.

What can you do? Here are a few tips-

  • The Above fold section is critical as that is the one customers see when they click on it. A solid first impression will allow you to accumulate more customers. You can use this section to entice customers about your upcoming products.

  • The fear of missing out is real, so sellers use scarcity features as a marketing tactic. Setting a time limit on buyers works as they want to take advantage of the “now or never” deal. This method does give you results as it can boost your conversions by more than 33%.

  • CTA’s might seem unnecessary, but it plays a vital role. Imagine that bright, flashy “Buy Me” or “Click here” sign. Those call to action draws the eyes of the audience to wherever you want them to go. No matter how aesthetically and attractively your page is designed, your call to action can be why people won’t move to a different page.

  • It would help if you also keep your branding at the forefront. With thousands of people selling similar items, you need to stand out from the crowd. This is your time to be unique and creative. Ensure that you do not fall in the same category as your competitors. Different types of media appeal to different types of customers. Whether you choose video, picture, you need to let the brand’s personality shine.

  • The proof is in the pudding. Whenever you shop, you go for the reviews, do others like it? Reviews and testimonials can boost your product as people will feel it is more legitimate and not a scam.

  • Keep it short and sweet as people do not have the patience in today’s day and age. If your page is too difficult to navigate, they will click off. Make everything easily accessible and understandable so that people of all ages and backgrounds can comprehend what is happening.

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Author Bio:

Bhawana Munet

Bhawana Munet heads the marketing vertical at Your AMZ Seller, a one-stop destination for marketplace management services. She provides strategic planning to businesses of all sizes. She frequently writes about branding and marketing, sustainable design solutions, and Amazon marketplace management services.


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