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Planning a Career in Advertising? What to Consider before Applying?


Do you have a creative bent of mind? Then, you can certainly use your God-given abilities to your advantage – turn ordinary brands into popular names and help sell their products like hot cakes! Devise creative and irresistible promotional strategies that profit your clients.

If you wish to enjoy the thrill of steep learning curves and fame, advertising is the career you should be looking for. Are you wondering if you have what it takes to land a successful career in the field of advertising? We bet you are!

Do not let worry get the best of you. We are here to help you with the crucial things to be considered before you launch yourself into advertising.

Check out different possibilities

It is common for most people to think that an ad agency is a fine way to be an ad pro. While ad agencies are usually the only environments that pop into our heads, there are several other reliable alternatives which ensure that you have a successful career in this business.

One of them is an in-house agency which offers out-and-out services like an ad agency. However, it usually serves one client. Freelancing is yet another option to explore where graphic designers can freelance for:

  1. Ad agencies
  2. In-house agencies
  3. Production company clients
  4. Other business clients who may or may not own agencies etc.

Gain valuable experience through internships

One of the best ways to gain invaluable experience and learn a variety of things is through interning. You can also make the right contacts and network with some of the best minds at your workplace. Ensure that you get the most out of your internship by actively learning new stuff and carefully observing the experts at work.

Prepare your portfolio

The easiest way to ace an interview is to prepare well in advance for it. Graphic designers can do it right by creating their portfolio ahead and keeping it ready before the phone rings! Add all the samples of your work to the portfolio (usually online). Modify your portfolio in accordance with the specific needs of the company you are applying for.

Explore different career paths and choose what’s best for you

Creativity is not the only requirement to have a successful career in advertising. If you are an organised person with good social skills and have the ability to manage multiple teams working on different projects, you could take up the role of an account executive responsible for ensuring that your team meets deadlines.

If you are skilled with numbers and data analysis, a career in the media department, for instance, is right up your alley. Thus, it is absolutely essential to take your time, do the research and explore the variety of job roles available in the advertising industry. Pick the one that interests you the most and ace that job.

Create samples to showcase your work to potential employers

Whether it is an ad agency or a freelance career you are interested in, it is necessary to create samples of your work, especially when you are starting off as a fresher. SPEC ADS, short for Speculative ads, are an effective way of doing this. They give you writing samples on the spot which can be used to communicate your skill, design style, and writing voice with employers.

We understand how a lucrative career in your dream field of advertising drives your goals. Steer them in the right direction by getting the right professional guidance. Give your career a kick-start with graphics advertising design courses in Delhi from top institutes such as the Pearl Academy and position yourself in the market with ease.


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