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Points to remember while applying for a loan to buy your dream car


Most people in the middle-class dream to own a nice car but do not usually have the funds to meet an expense like purchasing a new car. With the help of a car loan, owning a dream car is now within everyone’s reach. A car loan will help you bridge the gap of the lack of funds. A car loan will make it easy for you to quickly obtain the car of your dreams. A car loan is a type of personal loan which is provided to you by the authorised lending institutions. 

Key points to keep in mind before applying for a car loan for getting one step closer to your dreams without making any mistakes:

1. Shop around to get the best deals on interest rates:

Getting a car loan at lower interest rates will be a boon for you. It will help you save costs. Every car dealership has tied up with different financial institutions. Inquire about the offers and deals each dealership can offer to you and, accordingly, select the best deal.

2. Accurate and complete documentation:

When you are scouting for a car loan, you are going to need certain documents that you need to furnish to the financial institutions. Therefore, prior to getting a car loan, you can get the documents verified from a loan office to streamline your financing process later. 

3. Determining the tenure of car loan repayment:

Before you purchase the car loan, you need to look at the tenure. It may seem attractive to go for a long tenure at times, but if you sit and calculate the total amount to be paid, it may be very expensive. Therefore, observe the loan documents and their terms and conditions with a fine eye before you purchase. 

4. Calculate all the fees that you may need to pay to service your loan:

A procedure for a car loan may be minor and manageable. You will need to account for loan processing fees, EMI, service tax and foreclosure penalties. Many lenders have foreclosure penalties. Foreclosure means repaying a loan entirely before the end of its tenure. Most lenders do not allow repayment of a loan within six months of the loan borrowed. You may face penalties according to their guidelines and prescribed rates. 

Scrutinising for schemes and offers is imperative to get the most out of your car loan and avail of better services. Reading the terms and conditions, loan documents, the repayment terms, the tenure and all such other terms. Scout for different lenders; get quotes from all of them. Compare the various offers and choose an option that serves you the best. 

A car loan is an easy affair if you are well prepared to go through all these steps. Your preparedness and awareness of various jargon and understanding of the procedure will help you stay calm and collected. In addition, while applying for a car loan, you do not have to place any asset of yours as collateral. Therefore, avail your car loan by keeping these points in mind. 


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