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Importance of email marketing in SEO


Importance of SEO in Email Marketing

How Does SEO Work? 

Search engine optimization or SEO is a collection of best practices, actions, and strategies that collectively aim to improve a site’s positioning in search engines. 

SEO has two types – on and off-page. The former works on everything connected to your site’s pages. This includes writing well-optimized blog posts, meta tags, descriptions, header text, checking site speed, etc. 

Off-page SEO has to do with everything outside of the website that could influence the rankings. Mostly, this focuses on link-building.

Importance of SEO in Email Marketing

E-mail marketing and SEO share the same goal – they both rely on content for brand promotion. Both make heavy use of well-optimized content with keyword presence to drive people towards your website and brand.

It, therefore, goes without saying that together SEO and email can elevate your promotional and marketing efforts.

Ways To Combine Email Marketing & SEO

By using creative ways of combining email marketing in SEO, you can leverage the power of two. You will be surprised how many ways there are to do that. Take a look:

Personalize Your Email Content

Don’t just focus on the content quality when conducting email campaigns. You must focus on the personalization aspect too. Your email should be attention-grabbing.

Supposing, you’re a gardening-related business. It will pay to send out blogs that talk about all things gardening. Content that is engaging and speaks to the audience on a personal level has a better likelihood of sticking with them.

When it comes to personalized content, make sure to base it on the demographics and verticals of everyone that you are targeting. Also, never lose your focus on the relevancy of the email. Together, relevance and targeting will amplify your SEO results. 

To ensure the personalization of emails, you can use marketing software such as Mailchimp. Combining that with the power of AI can offer you insight into what sort of content is going to appeal to different users.

Emails can be an excellent tool to earn backlinks. There may be certain authority sites in your industry. You can request them to check out your content and ask them to reference it in their content. Since most of these sites won’t always stumble upon your content, you can invite them through emails.

A hard-hitting and well-personalized email could do wonders in this regard. Make sure to point those sites to your best-performing content. If they happen to like what you share, there’s a good chance the sites may include it in one of their own posts.

Backlinks are a solid strategy for improving your SaaS site’s SEO ranking. By combining the power of email and content, you can leverage them to gain quality links.

Create Segmented Email Lists

The idea about content creation is to cover as many topics in your industry as you possibly can. However, there is a good chance that not all kinds of topics interest all kinds of subscribers. That’s where email segmentation comes to your rescue. When you create email segmentation, you can send different kinds of topics to different kinds of subscribers. 

In this way, your audience can check out the kind of blogs that are pertinent to them. Segmentation also ensures that the content is relevant to the subscribers so they feel more encouraged to check out your blog/website.

Repurpose Newsletter Content

Marketers often use newsletters as a tool for promoting their latest posts, services, products, and share the latest highlights. However, you can expand your horizon by using that newsletter for a lot more than just rehashing your posts. 

For example, you can use newsletters to share some exclusive form of content that only your paid subscribers get access to.

On a future date, you can always repurpose that ‘exclusive’ content by converting it into a blog form. This is one strategy to capture new audiences on some different platforms in a different format. Inadvertently, it will impact your rankings too (provided you follow best SEO strategy and optimization practices).

Discover the Intent Behind the Query

Sometimes a user query can be rather unclear. Meaning, it can be difficult to know exactly what the user is trying to gain through that particular search term or query. This can be troublesome for marketers because their whole purpose is to serve the kind of content that addresses their pain points. 

How do you overcome this problem? You can do it with the help of emails. Emails can help you better understand the user intent for different queries. Although it’s going to take some effort, it will be worth it in the end.

All you have to do is create a survey and send it via an email list. The survey can include questions regarding your audience’s challenges, desires, fears, etc. Based on the answers you get, you can formulate a better content strategy that is razor-sharp according to what your audience needs.

The better you can answer those problems through articles and blog posts, the more likely Google will push your rankings up.

Use Automated Sequences to Generate Traffic

The power of email automation is something to look into. It gives you the power to share useful content with new subscribers. Whenever someone new comes on board, automation will send them your best posts without you having to do any work.

By automating email sequences like this, you can keep growing the influx of traffic as your subscribers increase in numbers. 

It will be a matter of time before Google takes notice of this consistent engagement in traffic. A consistent increase in engagement is a sign that readers can find what they need through your website. When that happens, your rankings should see a boost in SERPs.

Bottom Line 

There are myriad ways to leverage the power of email marketing and SEO as a combination. Hopefully, you took away some helpful insight from this post on how to do just that.

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