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7 Restaurant Flyer ideas to attract more customers


Restaurant pamphlet design has the capability of attracting the customers to accompany your menu.

Restaurant pamphlet design has the capability of attracting the customers to accompany your menu. It’s not just a piece of paper which tells about the food being served but also reflects on the design and it is the main factor for your profit.

Restaurant pamphlets must give complete information about the food being served like cuisine, today’s special dish, offers of the day, and many more. The more attractive your flyer is, the more customers you receive.

Set up your Google+ account because when you search a business within Google, Google’s knowledge graph displays it in the sidebar. It collects all the details and chunks of information are already available in Google. It’s definitely profitable when there is more prime search real estate for free.

Here are 7 best flyer ideas to attract more customers to your restaurant:

1. Use vibrant colors.

attract more customers to your restaurant
  • Use colors that are attractive and a bit dark.
  • Light colors shade away from the look and the customers might feel less interested to read the menu. Write a snappy headline or title to make it look cool. This would grab the customer’s eye and have a view of the flyer.
  • Restaurant pamphlets look more attractive when you pick monochrome colors as background and dark color font with snappy taglines. This looks quite impressive and makes the customers stop and stare at the flyer.

2. Use special paper.

  • Don’t use papers that are delicate and transparent. They seem to be ok to go but a good quality paper is preferred so as the print sticks firmly to the paper and looks clear.
  • Try foldings for your flyer. This is a bit creative and impressive.
  • It elevates the content and interior of the restaurant in the background.
  • Never forget to add your address, phone number to the flyer. This is the key point to be noted. Always try to highlight it because it will definitely seek the attention of the customer.
  • Use PhotoAdKing to create designs. These designs are high-resolution designs and can be printed with clarity.

3. Always highlight the content which the customers want to read.

Always highlight the content which the customers want to read
  • Offers, discounts on the food must be highlighted in bold because these are the key points which attract the customers and compare your restaurant with others. “Save, up to, deal, offer”, these words grab a lot of attention.
  • Try to divide the copy into dubitable sections. This would affect the reader’s interest.
  • Show off your 5-star staff doing their best work. Seeing energetic and happy employees does wonders for your reputation since customers love to be served by joyful workers.

4. Keep your content short and attractive.

Keep your content short and attractive
  • You usually get very little time to present your restaurant specialties so keep your content short and simple.
  • Add titles, bullet points to minimize the content and to be informative.
  • Use pictures of various cuisines being served in your restaurant. Highlight the combos being severed. Since most college students get tempted towards combos, focus more on combos and add discounts to them to grab more attention.

5. Emboss.

  • This is quite attractive and impressive. It’s definitely eye-catching and appeals to people’s sense of touch. It definitely makes the customers touch the flyer and grabs their attention.
  • You can also add your restaurant’s logo here. It makes it more creative and attractive. It emphasizes your restaurant signature.
  • Try to develop your restaurant’s brand identity. Your target is to build your restaurant’s identity around your target customers.

6. Always chose an attractive template for your flyer.

Always chose an attractive template for your flyer
  • Choose your template creatively. Always pay attention to font, color scheme, and background.
  • The background must have a texture that reminds you of the natural ingredients used in the kitchen like woodchoppers etc.
  • It can either be monochrome which highlights the food being served.
  • Chalkboard is the current trend being used in most restaurants but it has become quite common. It’s a good idea to use a chalkboard in the background but most preferably, use the pictures of your restaurant like tables, décor, etc. Always try to stick with less design. Remember less is more.

7. Give out the right signal.

use PhotoADKing to create flyers to advertise your offers
  • Highlight the special offers, discounts, the dish being served on a particular day, discounts commencing which grabs the attention of the customers. You can use PhotoADKing to create flyers to advertise your offers.
  • Preferably use a 3D print to highlight them because they catch the eyes.
  • Offer a pamphlet with the latest deals, offers, and coupons to be used within a specific date along with the bill. This would definitely increase the orders as you are providing the best offers to the customers.
  • Always try to include high-quality photos in the flyer which will obviously grab the hungry eyes.
  • Try to partner up with online food apps which will definitely increase the visitors. This could be done through gamification and customer loyalty programs. This will offer visitors a free purchase or discount for visiting a certain number of times.

These steps can help you create the best restaurant pamphlet design in variant styles and colors. PhotoADKing has a wide range of tools, ready-made templates, designs to create the best designs. Remember each and every point, create the best flyers, follow the strategies and grab an audience to your restaurant.


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