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Nine Plumbing Technologies Transforming the Plumbing Business


Plumbing Business

Plumbing techniques have been creating a big market for everyone in the contracting businesses’ order to save money and time people have been getting in touch with the recent technology-based plumbers. These plumbers have been using the latest technology in the field of plumbing. All you need is search on search engines emergency plumbing near me.

But because there is innovation in plumbing too, it has been important as well that the plumbers have advanced their technologies toothier now, we are going to focus on 9 technologies which have single handedly changed the way of thinking for plumbers.

1. Smart Sprinkler Systems

Saving water is one of the greatest needs of the hour. People open their water systems in the lawn and don’t even know how much water has been wasted there. For lawns there is a particular amount of water which is supposed to be sprinkled in the lawns. Just by installing a smart sprinkler system we can save more than 5 percent of the daily usage of water in our lawns. Yes, that’s true human society is so careless that we have to invent something just to take care of the amount of water transmitted in the lawns.

Emergency plumbing near me has allowed us to clarify this situation by installing smart sprinkler systems perfectly at every household.

2. Grey water recycling

First of all, we have to know what grey water is. Grey water is the water which is excreted by your washing machines or other equipment used in daily household. Even the lawn water is counted in the same part. If we install a grey water recycle system it helps us to use water which has been wasted. All you need to do is search Emergency plumbing near me and the rest of the things will be taken care by the plumber.

As an innovative and smart plumber if you have a good idea about how to install and make sure that grey water recycling is working perfectly fine then there are chances that you can improve your client list.

3. Flood Sensors

Flood Sensors have been providing a very good look at the fine time looking floods. These sensors have been installed in European countries at a very high rate. Because of this high-rate installation of flood sensors it has been a very important part of a plumber’s life. A flood sensor is able to detect when the water is rising above the expected level. This increases safety of the house as well as the people living in there.

4. Smart Water Heating Systems

As we said earlier bathrooms are the new innovation centres of plumbing. There are smart water heating systems available in the market. In countries where seasons of winters have been celebrated it is important to have this system to enjoy winters at their best. These systems are responsible for keeping the right temperature of the water during the bath or drinking.

Smart Water Heating Systems

5. Bluetooth Shower Heads

Surprise isn’t plumbing. There at its finest. Bluetooth shower heads are held responsible for music and shower at the same time. Yes, we all know that people love to sing and listen to music when they are around their bath tubes. It gives them a sense of relaxation.

Although if the plumbers know how to handle this then the client doesn’t have to search on google 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Near Me at all.

6. Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets are one of the finest plumbing innovations. If you are using these faucets you don’t have to touch the faucets every time you are planning to open the tap, all you need to do is put your hand in front of the faucet. These have been a standard practice in the entire industry and has influenced five-star hotels as well to use it as a premium facility.

7. Smart Shower Panels

Bathing experience has been increased a lot by smart shower panels. All you have to do is come in front of the shower. That’s all. Work done. Water will be automatically turned on by the sensor.

8. Smart Toilets

Toilets are the key to hygiene to any human being. If you want to know the hygiene habits of any individual all you need to do is check out their toilet. Automatic heating pads to make sure that your bum cheeks are fine even in cold weather is one of the innovations done in the toilet facility.

9. Leak Detectors

Leak detectors have been held responsible for leaks into the pipeline or other facilities in the house. It is very useful if you stay away from the home most of the time.


We have to understand that joining new technologies will improve the skill set of any plumber on the planet. A better skillset attracts a large number of clients therefore plumbers should use the latest technologies possible for the sake of understanding the evolution of bathroom, toilets and plumbing techniques.

Author Bio:

Laura is a marketing manager at All Star Plumbing & Restoration. She loves to write about plumbing services, Water Damage Repair, slab leak repair, Hydro Jetting and AC & heater installation.



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