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The Best Guide on Purchasing a Coffee Machine

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to change your old machine, choosing the best coffee machine can be daunting. Buying the perfect coffee machine is vital as it helps to kick start our day. A perfect cup of coffee can elevate your mood and provide the needed energy for the rest of your hectic day. However, a wrong coffee maker cannot only ruin the start of your day but will also be an extra burden on your pocket.

Thus, we have written a detailed guide on tips to purchase the perfect coffee machine according to your needs and preferences.



When buying a coffee maker, it is essential to look at the long-term cost it is going to incur. Different brands of coffee makers would have different running costs. Such as, if you decide to go for single-serving machines like Keurig or Nespresso then you must calculate the cost of pods and capsules in your budget. They cost from $5-$8 per package, depending on your preferences. Thus, for some people, the cost of pods and capsules might offset the benefits of single-serving coffee machines. You should make comparisons like Keurig k200 vs 250 or some other models to reach the best decision.

However, if you decide to go for a drip machine, you might be required to buy filters, beans or grounds. Hence, always weigh the long-term cost and benefits of purchasing a coffee machine before opting for one.


Brewing Temperature

It is essential to have a close look at the brewing temperature of the coffee machine you are deciding to purchase. This can make a whole lot of difference in your coffee experience. Some machines like Nespresso’s earlier version failed to brew hot enough coffee that left its customers unsatisfied.

The best to brew coffee is from 195F to 205F. Hence, if a coffee machine offers brewing temperature in this range then you are good to go. However, if the brewing temperature of a machine is not mentioned on its box or packaging then steer clear of the machine. As most of the brands mention the temperature as it is one of the vital parts of a coffee machine.


Water Reservoir

The water reservoir’s capacity can make a whole difference in the performance of a coffee machine. If you are not a big fan of refilling the water reservoir after every couple of cups of coffee then you should opt for a machine that provides larger capacity.

Also, it depends on the usage of the machine and the people to serve. If the machine is to be placed in your office then you might need greater capacity. On the other hand, coffee machines for your home might be able to fulfill the needs in 5-7 quarts capacity.



Features are what separate brands from one another. Thus, the importance of features can never be ignored. It is essential that you carefully analyze and compare the features of different machines before reaching the final purchase decisions. Here are a few features that you must look for in a coffee maker.

  • Auto On/Off

The auto on/off feature is one of the latest functionalities in coffee machines. If you are one of those people with no extra few minutes in the morning to prepare a cup of coffee, then the auto on/off feature with automatically prepare the perfect cup for your taste buds at your set time.

All you would have to do is to program the machine through its settings to auto switch on, prepare a cup of coffee with desired settings and then turn off at the desired time. Just grab the cup of your favorite coffee in the morning, and you’ll be good to go.

  • Types of Coffee

A lot of coffee machines can only brew coffee, however, if you are also a lover of espresso, make sure to opt for machines that can brew both. The latest models of Nespresso can be a perfect fit in this case. Also, if a couple of people would be using the machine then you’ll have to consider everyone’s preferences before reaching the final purchase decision.

Easy to Clean

If you are deciding to buy a machine that requires thorough hand-wash after every few uses and you are not sure if you can dedicate that much time to its cleaning then you should go for machines that are dishwasher safe. As it would require minimal cleaning effort. However, this might result in a compromise on other features of a perfect coffee maker.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the best tips on purchasing a coffee machine that you must always follow when shopping for one. Some machines might be perfect for you in one aspect and might lack the other. Thus you would have to compromise on a few features and make the decision based on your priorities and preferences. However, just always make sure to have a long-term cost and benefit analyses in your mind before opting for a coffee maker.








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