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How to Design the Ultimate Apple iPhone App


Design the Ultimate Apple iPhone App

Many people have become lovers of iPhones. The reason is not just its great design but also the fact that its stores offer a great variety of applications for everyone. This store has some useful applications for anyone no matter what profession you are into.

Designers or iPhone application programmers are no exception because even a web designer who works with computers will find a great number of apps that can be useful for them.

Imagine a 2-year-old app getting clicked and a billion-dollar company like Facebook spending 1 billion to buy it? That app today is called Snapchat. Even if an individual does not belong to the developing line, an app can be created by them.

Regardless of their background, people have started making apps on their own. And the process is not that exhausting. It is the creativity that is more needed than the developing experience.

Benefits of having a mobile app

The app revolution started only a few years ago but this form of marketing is fast growing with no signs of slowing down. This is because these apps take directly to where your customers are. Mobility is all-consuming and is playing a major role in the daily lives of people all over the world.

With 77% of the world’s population online, businesses who have their apps face more and more opportunities to change how their service or product can be delivered.

If you want your business to stay connected with your customers then you need to have your presence in the mobile world.  iPhone application programmers have helped many businesses to set up their apps to thus stay connected with their customers.

Mobile apps are much faster than web browsing as they get loaded in a second and the majority of the information is stored in the app thus allowing customers to see whatever they need offline as well. Mobile apps also increase loyalty as they are constantly in front of the eyes of your customers.

Customers prefer mobile apps because they connect quickly to businesses they commonly want or need.

Apps improve the processes and accessibility of businesses for customers. They also simplify communications by instantly and directly messaging customers.

How to Design the Ultimate Apple iPhone App

According to data collected recently about mobile devices, there are over a hundred million people who have purchased an iPhone. They have thus gained easy access to the app store through their iPhones.

Today there are more than 600,000 apps in the app store and more than 500 applications are submitted daily. These figures themselves show what it means in terms of competition.

Due to such huge competition, it is vital to design the ultimate iPhone app for an Apple phone to stay up with the market.

Design plays a great role during the app store acceptance process for iPhone application programmers. Apple has released “The Human Interface Guidelines” which contains the principles to design a perfect user-friendly app that meets their requirements.

Some of the tips to consider while designing the ultimate Apple iPhone app are:

  1. Service or recreation – The first element to consider while designing an app is to decide whether its function is to provide recreation or to provide a service. If your app wants to cater mainly to users for entertainment then you should focus on backgrounds, graphic designs, and special textures. But if your app aims to provide a service then it is better not to load it with too many design elements that could slow down the app as well as reduce its functionality. Skeuomorphism is an ability that allows an object or feature to imitate the design of a similar feature in another material. This is largely used by app designers to make the interface more approachable to users.
  2. Color – An app’s look and feel depends on its color scheme. Try and focus on contrast rather than specific colors. This is because most of the users do not pay attention much to the colors. Let your main color be preferably a bright one and your secondary color as a subdued one that does not grab much attention. If you have a lot of content then avoid using colored fonts as this can cause problems during usage. The best choice always is a black or dark grey font on a lightly colored background.
  3. Patterns and Themes – Pattern means a design using repeated decorative motifs like stripes, diamonds, etc. Generally, these are used to enhance dull backgrounds. But be careful while using such overwhelming patterns as they could hinder your content readability. Themes liven up real substances like wood, leather, water, etc. They have a very big impact and can even determine your app’s success or failure. Whether you want to opt for a pattern or theme always keep it simple and do try not to overdo it. Opt for subtle patterns that do not hinder the content and choose a design that goes with the content. This will bring life into the app.
  4. Typography – Apple-designed typefaces allow extensive use of various languages, styles, sizes so that you can design a beautiful reading experience throughout the app. When text styles are used with system fonts then this supports large accessibility for viewers to choose the text size that works for them. The flexibility of system fonts will help achieve legibility always giving you a precise typesetting experience in the app.
  5. Navigation – Implement navigation skills in such a way that it supports the structure as well as the purpose of the app without paying much attention to itself. Navigation should be made to feel natural and familiar and should not dominate the interface or draw away the focus from the content.

There are many other tips also to design the ultimate app for your Apple iPhone. It all depends on how the iPhone application programmers have worked on it to get accepted well by the users.


Ignoring mobile marketing is no longer a simple option for any business. By designing an app for your Apple iPhone you can ensure a superlative user experience thus forcing the app store to accept the design.

The ultimate design of your apple iPhone app should adapt and fit all users. That way they will get an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

About The Author:

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Iphone App Development Company. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.



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