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How to attract an audience from social media platforms


How to attract an audience from social media platforms

In today’s world, every business either big or small, established or startups have a social media presence and use social media marketing to connect with their audiences, create social buzz, raise awareness, and drive leads and business.

Business updates their social media accounts every single day to gain a consumer’s attention on social networks. As the more you target audience and reach them on social media organically, the better your sales growth rate will be. Business consults SEO-Toronto company and other companies for doing social media marketing for their businesses.

So, are you looking forward to how to attract your social media audience? In this article, we are highlighting a few points for growing your audience on the social network-

• Keep updating your Social media profile page

The initial steps for establishing and growing your audience on any social network is strong profile pages for your social media accounts. This requires including company cover photos and profile photos, email Id, website address, and also other social profiles link.

Also, share a few updates about your business and company before you start your quest to build an audience. This will give people a small glimpse of your business and a reason to visit your social accounts.

• Create and share Quality Content

Contents can be a great way to get new people to Like and follow your accounts. The content that you publish and share should be educational and informative and able to achieve a kind of connection with the audience.

Good quality content adds enormous value to your readers and positions your company as an authority.

• Post eye-catching visuals /images and videos

Images are appealing and high-performers on social media, so try to include engaging colorful infographics, videos, or visuals with each post.

It has been observed that content with relevant images gets more views than content without images. Videos and images are more likely to get shared on social media and get more likes, views that can lead to higher reach, engagement, and exposure for your brand.

• Interact and start a conversation on Social media

Are you aware of this analysis that most of your Social media audience now expect a response from you on the same day that they pose a question on each respective platform?

So try to respond to your followers quickly and give them a fantastic user experience on social by being exceptionally responsive. You should also have an eye on people who comment, retweet, follow, favorite, and mention your organization on social media platforms and try to thank them for their support and love also give answers to their queries.

At the point when you make your online community to feel heard and recognized, they’re bound to turn out to be raving fans, and your most steadfast web-based media ministers.

• Insert hashtags in your post to get found

Use popular hashtags in your posts, images, and videos to increase your social media followers, and participate in relevant trending topics and current events.

Individuals looking through that specific hashtag may come across your post, and will ideally look at you and even start following you.

How to attract an audience from social media platforms

• Use social media Ads

Step up your social media success often involves allocating ad spend, however, limited it might be.

One of the easiest and best ways to enhance your audience and gain more exposure is to invest a modest amount into paid social advertisements. If the campaign does well, paid social ads can promote your content, increase in conversions rate, and help you target new people.

• Don’t try to buy followers, fans, and likes

Don’t try to use the shortcut road for success. Some people assume that purchasing fans and followers is a shortcut in creating a big online community. This is not only acceptable but also a bad practice, but it will largely end up being more of a problem than it’s worth.

Rather than buying followers and likes focus on designing posts and sharing information that will attract the right audience and establish a deeper relationship.


Social media marketing has the potential to attract and engage the audience and target new customers. When you perform profoundly effective social engagement activities, you are welcoming more clients to your business. Also, consult a good digital marketing and web design company Toronto before giving your projects to any company,

So don’t waste your time and energy, creating content to engage with your audience when you haven’t put in corresponding effort to define it accurately. Follow all the tips above precisely so that when it is time to cater to your social media audience, you won’t have a problem creating content that they like because you’ll be producing the right content for the optimal audience.


Preyanshi Dwivedi is a digital marketer who works as an SEO Executive and enjoys developing and working on WordPress websites. Love doing OFF-page and ON- page optimization. Write blogs, which enhances my content optimization skill and also design banner and images using Canva. A dedicated and enthusiastic person always indulges in work.


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