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Why Do You Need A Roku Channel For Business?


The presence of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms has only increased in recent years. With more than 50 million active monthly users worldwide, it has dominated the market immensely. Roku is leading the way in the streaming market and provides swift benefits to businesses. Recent studies show that more than 40% of OTT users are streaming on Roku devices for the best entertainment.

TV viewership is changing with time and Roku accounts for 40 percent of all the streaming in the United States. Businesses are targeting the platform to achieve their marketing goals and reach out to potential customers. Roku developers are the experts who can assist in building functional apps for business use. The Roku publishing platform and the operating system ensure the connection of businesses directly to the streaming viewers. Roku channel developers assist in the creation of business channels that can reach a wide range of viewers.

For some, the Roku channel might seem a natural fit only for the entertainment industry, but it delivers similar results to all other sectors. Take the help of certified professionals so as to develop suitable business channels with Roku application development. The article provides personalized data about the Roku channel, its benefits, and methods so as to create a Roku channel.

Roku is the most preferred option for video-on-demand businesses. The OTT apps are used by businesses successfully to reach out to the audience and increase the video streaming revenue. But why select Roku so as to stream the business channel? It is the most popular and widely preferred OTT app increasing revenue and user satisfaction.

What is Roku? Why Create a Roku Development Channel?

Roku is referred to as the OTT (over-the-top) streaming device so as to stream favorite video content to your TV, both live and on-demand. It is the device giving access to the full catalog of streaming channels, known as ‘Roku channels’. The Japanese word means ‘six’ and it refers to the sixth company of Anthony Wood. Consumers are using the device as an online media player providing access to live news, TV, sports, and more.

Here are some of the important facts to know about Roku –

  • The Roku Channel on the platform offers a range of free Premium TV shows, music, & news so as to entertain consumers.
  • The users can watch the channel on the Roku streaming device using mobile sets, computers, laptops, TV, and more.
  • Consumers are also able to subscribe to premium TV channels like HBO with the Roku channel and for all of it each month without an added access.

Roku business channels are meant to engage the audience with customized features. Look for Roku app developers with relevant experience so as to develop channels for communication with customers. Provide personalized information on the channel about the industry & business, and also highlight the new products and services. The Roku channel becomes an asset for businesses to communicate with customers and navigate the various promotional platforms.

There are also reports suggesting that the use of Roku for business apps is increasing and it makes up for 30% of the total streaming time. Create a Roku channel if you want to reach the largest TV streaming audience. The platform is making the video business more accessible for businesses to get the desired marketing results.

Top Benefits of Roku Application Development

Businesses are able to earn great revenues with the launch of OTT apps and it can prove to be a crucial business decision. Roku should be an obvious choice of business houses as it is one of the largest streaming platforms. The Roku channel developer gets you the best platform to brand your products to a large audience. Building a suitable Roku channel can help you reach an audience that’s not available on traditional TV. Let us look at some of the other top benefits of Roku application development for businesses.

Helps to Build Brand Loyalty

All the marketing effort in today’s world is to attain a greater market share through brand loyalty. Businesses will be able to market the brand or products better with their TV channel and shows. Build your loyalty by letting the viewers come back to your Roku channel. It will become another channel of communication directly between the customer and the brand.

Enhances the Business Credibility

The credibility of the business grows multi-fold with the idea of a brand or business with its TV channel. Marketers look for new avenues to enhance the customer experience and also keep the communication channel open. They used to launch their publications or newsletters earlier to spread the news. A Roku channel works exactly as the TV channel that reflects the correct brand image.

Develop a Business Asset and Maintain It

A TV channel is a huge asset for business, more than a website or publishing site. The Roku app developers help you maintain the channel in full gear so as to serve the main purpose. It can be shown on the yearly balance sheet and it will only grow in value. Just by investing $5,000 to $10,000 businesses can develop content for the TV channel worth an asset.

Design Alternate Revenue Stream

Businesses always look for alternate ways to earn money from potential customers – and more from the current consumers. Monetize the content with help of Roku developers so as to integrate the advertising streams, VOD element, or subscription. The Roku channel is attracting more attention and eyeballs so as to use it as a sales tool.

Different Methods to Create a Roku Channel

Businesses look to connect to potential customers through a Roku channel and the developers get you the top functional channel. Roku is an open platform that can be used to create new channels. In this section, we’ll discuss the different methods of Roku application development. Each of the methods demands a certain level of skills, commitment, cost, and time. Let us look into the different methods of Roku channel development.

Method 1 – Roku Channel Lease

It is the fastest and economical way to develop a Roku channel. The lease from an OTT service provider helps businesses to focus on the business content so as to run the business. The best thing about leasing the Roku channel is that someone else is managing the technical aspects of the channel so that the businesses are able to spend extra time on doing tasks that matter. It also saves heavy investment on developers to match the industry needs.

Here are ways that the leasing app works –

  1. Rent the service of an OTT provider who has Roku channels and CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to run a video business based on content liked by consumers.
  1. Provide details related to the business and branded assets so that the final products fulfill all the requirements.
  1. Choose the OTT provider as the channel is ready to host and distribute the content to viewers and makes it easy for businesses to manage the videos.

Method 2: Roku SDK Developer

One of the alternate ways to develop a Roku channel is to outsource the project to a Roku SDK developer. The team of professionals will design and develop the channel as per the exact specifications using a Roku development tool. Budgeting for the channel is one of the vital aspects so as to get functional channels for the business. The methods take between 3 to 6 months for completion and can be expensive as per the demand.

Method 3: Roku Direct Publisher

It is the development process inspiring the developers to build a simple channel without the need for programming language or coding. Roku Direct Publishing is their own service built to start and create the channel on their own. Here are few steps to follow for Roku direct publishing –

Step 1 – Set up a content hosting solution

The first thing is to upload the content to OVP (Online Video Platform) so as to begin the development process. Also, take the help of third-party servers for hosting videos and deliver them safely to the Roku channel.

Step 2 – Creation of content feed

The next step is to host the content on the web and it is the process of creating a ‘feed’ of all the hosted content. It is a piece of code containing all the metadata so as to play the content on the Roku device. The feed needs to be in a SON file, MRSS, or XML.

Step 3 – Creating Roku channel with help of Direct Publisher

As the two steps are completed, the Roku channel developer starts using the Direct Publisher interface. It is a tool to create your own business channel so as to publish the content. First, create the Roku customer account and then a Roku Developer account. Connect the Roku device to your computer or TV so as to experience unlimited entertainment. The publishers selecting the method are essentially selecting a speed of development over other features. Direct Publisher is one of the best options to develop functional channels for small businesses.

Final Thoughts!

Roku provides added opportunities to businesses looking to produce video content and assist its easy distribution. Reach out to more viewers and earn revenue out of the channel with help of the Roku channel. You’re missing out on the opportunity to attract more eyeballs if the brand or business doesn’t have OTT or Connected TV. Take help from Roku developers so as to develop functional channels that highlight the brand’s worth.

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Akash Rout
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