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Everything you want to know about On-demand doctor app development

As the technology is at the stage of gruesome development, every sector is at the verge of undergoing change. Healthcare industry is considered to be strict for any shifts to implement new technologies. It is ready to adapt and adopt new developments. On-demand doctor app development is becoming popular with doctors and patients for convenient and specialized medical services


List of categories for on-demand healthcare services


  • Primary care: The on-demand app aids in consultation from certified doctors and connect with the patients through video calls.



  • Specialty care: The on-demand healthcare apps provide services of a specialist such as a dermatologist, dentist. In this approach, the patient can share information with the doctors by sharing images and get a personalized consultation.



  • Behavioral: In this service, patients get online on-demand virtual visits by doctors via sites and applications.



  • Consumables: In this approach, the users are able to get online remedies in the situations of flu or hangover. The users get online IV hydration therapy of 30 minutes.



  • Wellness and fitness: It is the most flourishing service and increasingly becoming popular. The wearable devices are the talk of past now, presently there are services providers that provide a personal trainer for yoga, dance and for custom workouts.



  • Veterinary: This includes services of licensed vets for your pet at a comfortable environment at your home.



Features of on-demand healthcare app that makes it different


  • Prompt medical services: The app has a feature that enables the doctor to deliver instant medical care to the patients. The app serves patients and doctors regardless of the time and locations. It is a trouble-free approach to seek advice from specialists.



  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment: The healthcare application is equipped with the feature that let the patient book an online appointment with the doctors. This feature extends flexibility to the doctors to schedule an appointment as per their availability. It also has the facility to reschedule the appointment if any emergency circumstances occur.



  • Reach out to the customers: The on-demand app induces the development of the brand of the hospital by reaching the clients anytime in need. It adds to the brand value. The app uses the patient’s contact information and target potential customers.



  • Aid in case of emergencies: This healthcare application empowers the doctor to keep the patients informed.  It also facilitates the patient to reach the nearest accessible emergency care, provider. In the emergency cases, the patients are not required to wait for long for seeking healthcare attention.



  • Help in hospital promotion: The healthcare app can be utilized for the promotion of services of hospitals via SMS and emails. It provides the services offered by the hospitals and keep users informed of events and offers at the hospital. The app also features the feedback section for the users. The feedback is useful to increase the reliability on their services also get suggestions from the users for enhancement in the services.



Elements that leverage the growth of on-demand healthcare


  • Government aids: Government is backing up the reimbursement plans for virtual visits via online healthcare applications.



  • Attractive economics:  The online consultation cost very less compared to the face to face visits of the doctors.



  • Technological upgradation: With the advancement of technology and mobility,  it is fueling the enlargement of on-demand services and making it more popular.



  • Cultural adoption: The user of the on-demand apps are comprised of various age categories including the elderly population. This service is favored affirmative by all the users.



  • Emergency care models: healthcare provider wants to build improved healthcare benefits packages with new and advance services for increased customer engagement.



The number of benefits of on-demand healthcare applications is multiple. Online scheduling, virtual visits, elimination of face to face visits and eradicate the long queues at the hospitals here are some key benefits of on-demand care apps:



  • Boon for remote areas: In the present scenario, there are still some developing countries that lack medical care. The on-demand application fulfills the needs of medical attention of the people residing in remote areas. It enables to book online appointment and order medications with the help of applications.



  • Encourages self-care:

The healthcare application facilitates to record the medical data of patients and it helps in self- monitoring of the patients.  It encourages self-care among patients by taking into account various measures and medical information.




  • Easy Billing: The healthcare applications are equipped with online payment options. It is a great relief because while visiting the hospitals, patients have to stand in queues to pay bills that consume a lot of time. The developers make sure that the apps have a secure mode of payment.



  • Reduced cost: Virtual visits and online consultation helps in reducing the cost of healthcare for both patients and providers. It also aids in eliminating the cost incurred in traveling to the hospitals.



  • Medical data: The on-demand healthcare application stores the data in between the ongoing calls with the patients. These application records and store data in one place. This data is encrypted to save it from any theft or breach. This data can also be distributed with other doctors and relatives of patients in case of utility.



Author Bio: Jessica  Smith is a passionate App Developer & content writer who writes articles related to jobs and career opportunities in various profiles. She also writes about varied topics such as education, mobile app development, web development, business and technology, gadgets, SEO, career tourist spots etc.



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