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5 Helpful Gadgets to Use during Pregnancy


Congratulations on your pregnancy! What an exciting time. You are about to bring new life into the world. However, if this is your first time, it can be a little scary, a little confusing, and a new mom can always use a little help with the particulars of pregnancy needs before giving birth.

With each generation, new and interesting gadgets come on the market to help with childbearing pains and fears. Products for moms by Top-Mom are geared to all aspects of the process, before and after birth. And many of them are helpful in relieving cramps, intense backaches, and tenderness in the breasts and feet. And if you are carrying your first baby, those will be new experiences for you, so having a few must-have gadgets to help will be invaluable.

Helpful gadgetry for your expectant time

It sounds very sci-fi, but a gadget just is a tool that is used to make something easier. Electric can openers are gadgets. Garage door openers are gadgets. And we have compiled a few that will make your pregnancy easier, on the body and on the mind.

Fetal Doppler

This is a soothing idea for body and mind. The Angelsounds Fetal Doppler looks like a portable CD player, but it is far from it. These wonderful electronic gadgets attach to your belly, allowing you to hear your baby’s heartbeat, record the sound, and even has optional gel as your doctor uses for ultrasounds. Your baby’s heartbeat is most noticeable at between 14 and 16 weeks. 

Bio Bands

One of the less fun parts of being pregnant is the morning sickness. Well, the people at Bio Bands have heard your cries, expectant mothers, and have developed a wristband that alleviates nausea that inspires morning sickness through acupressure. It features a small bead and works similarly to sea-sickness wristbands, pressing on your wrist’s P-6 pressure point.

The Elvie Trainer

During pregnancy, your pelvic floor becomes weakened, which can make the birthing process difficult if you don’t have the muscle to push out your baby. With the Elvie Trainer, you can strengthen your pelvic floor with some simple exercises, which will streamline birthing and help your bladder control and recover after birth.

Quadrio Base 2

Weight gain during pregnancy can be managed with the Quadrio Base 2 system, which keeps an eye on what you eat, so you do not overeat. You have a caloric increase for the baby, but sometimes that becomes an excuse to binge. With these cool electronic gadgets, you can track how much you are eating, which will help with putting on “baby weight.”

Electric toothbrush

We know. These aren’t new tech gadgets. But they are important and fun gadgets when you take into account that half of all pregnant women get some gum inflammation, which leads to bleeding gums. Using a soft, electric toothbrush, avoiding sugar, and staying away from flossing, will help to combat bleeding gums. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. And whether you are having your first child, or your fifth child, even with the aches, the pains, the mood swings, and those darn cravings, you will cherish it for the rest of your life. Your new baby is a part of you. And it is important that they know who you are, that you are close, and that they know they are loved, even before birth. 

Talk to your belly. Allow your partner to interact with your growing fetus. Play music, sing songs, read stories aloud. These are the earliest times when you can begin to make your impact on them as parents. 


If you prefer to ride out your pregnancy without smart tech gadgets, that is entirely your choice. It is important that you know they exist, just for peace of mind that there are things available to help. It is not a bad parenting concept to accept a little help now and then, even if it is from a high-tech smartphone app or a fun gadget that predicts your contractions. Have you used any cool electronics that helped you with your happy time that might also help other new expectant moms?

Author’s Bio:

Betti Wilson has been through three pregnancies and will take any help available. The cravings alone can lead someone into madness if not kept at bay, and for the “pickles and ice cream” times, having the Quadrio Base 2 was a wonderful way to stay on point with the diet.


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