Launch an on-demand Practo Clone app and Earn a Mint!

on-demand Practo Clone app

Technology has added spice to our lives; we were doing fine without it, but we’ve become more productive than ever since its advent. People have the option to book any service under the sun that they need from the comfort of their homes. Fixing medical appointments apps are not to be left behind in the revolution created by technology. Hence, the doctor booking apps have become an essential and indispensable part of our lives. Healthcare apps have changed our approach towards telemedicine. By reducing the waiting time and allowing patients to keep a check on the doctor’s schedule, they’ve for sure made meeting doctors more comfortable and accessible. The convenience that it provides is the reason why these apps are flourishing. With just one swipe on our mobile phones, we can book an appointment and consult a doctor! Something that would’ve sounded crazy if someone had blurted the idea around the medieval age. 

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As an entrepreneur or a business enthusiast, this might inspire you to develop your application. To make the process simpler for you, I will list the necessary details that are mandatory when planning to develop your healthcare app. It would be best if you were well-aware of the cost of developing an application according to your requirements. You have two options to choose from: one can choose to build your app, the other is you can get a clone app. If you choose the first one, the pros are that you can do many customizations, but the catch is that the cost and the time taken to develop an app from scratch is much higher. Opting to buy a clone app can serve more benefits to you; one is that you can add instant customizations, it is more cost-efficient, and last but not least, you can launch your app in the industry within a short period. You might have certain apprehensions about it, but don’t worry, it is not illegal! You have the right to get a clone app. The term clone app doesn’t necessarily mean that you copy another person’s product; it is just named that way for easy understanding. The clone app does the functions of the original but at the same time adds its twist to it.

On-Demand healthcare mobile app like Practo Clone:

Practo Clone app may be a one-stop solution for all the Patients, Doctors, and Clinics/Hospitals-Healthcare service providers. It provides a platform for all the doctors, patients, clinics, and hospitals to communicate. Since the famous Practo clone app has earned users’ and doctors’ trust, it’s essential to create an app that will instill and keep the users’ trust. You can do it by allowing the users to know about the doctor’s schedule and stay in touch with them.  

Key features of the Practo clone app

The features listed below will enhance the experience that users receive from the app and, in turn, allure more users towards the app. It’s essential to make the app user-friendly and provide a hassle-free experience for the users. 

Doctor listing with the supply option: The users will gain confidence while consulting verified doctors from the doctor profile listed along with the region, star ratings, and user-provided reviews. A list of obtainable doctors with their name, area of expertise, and ratings will provide transparency to the users and enable them to make informed decisions. 

Advanced search toolbar – this feature provides users with the facility to search for a doctor’s area of expertise and filter them according to their needs and requirements. The organized search module allows users to screen out doctors quickly and according to their availability. 

User’s well-organized dashboard – the user can view their booking status and past appointment history with this dashboard’s help. They are also provided with the option to write their reviews of past appointments. 

Admin dashboard: Through this dashboard, the admin manages all the user’s data, user’s appointments, doctor’s consultations, and CMS pages. The admin also can check their commission for each appointment or booking with this dashboard.  

Hospital management (Doctor app)– With this feature in their application, doctors can easily monitor their hospitals. The doctor can manage upcoming consultation requests and timings. 

The revenue model. 

The three highest models of revenue are mentioned below. 

Commission-based – With this model, the admin receives some commission for every consultation. 

Subscription-based: The Admin can charge doctors and healthcare officials for making use of the platform to see more patients.

Advertisements: For every ad placed on the platform, you can charge a small sum of fees from advertisers. The charge can be based on when and where they want to put their ad. It is the most common and widely used revenue model. 

Feature listing – Since it is the only platform where an extensive list of doctors provides services to the users seamlessly, the doctors can invest a sum of money in featuring themselves on the top of the list to attain more users.

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Additional features

User profile: The user profile includes their necessary information like height, age, weight, chronic medical conditions, allergies, etc. On the other hand, doctors also can add their specifications, experiences, education qualification, etc. 

In-built Chat Box – to connect doctors and users in real-time via an in-built chatbox. This option aims to clear the patient’s doubts and answer their questions about their diets or tablets etc., with their doctors.

The features mentioned above are a couple of features that can be included in your application to make it user friendly. 

In a nutshell,

The telemedicine industry is booming and thriving, especially during these unprecedented times. When everyone’s scared to step out of their houses, in came the doctor consultation apps and rightfully earned a massive sum of money. Delve into this sector to gain a global user base and make stunning returns. 

Practo clone script is a modern software solution for all the on-demand industries. It is one of the leading Healthcare apps in the market. Carve a niche for yourself in the industry by launching your healthcare app. To develop your Healthcare app like Practo clone, you can choose a leading Healthcare app development company to build your app from scratch or get a ready-made solution like Practo clone. Partner with a company that provides white-label, customizable, and scalable solutions! Best of luck!


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