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Four Mobile App Ideas For App Developers


When applied in conjunction with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence offers limitless possibilities to app developers. They can achieve a lot of things with both technologies. This article actually gives app developers some interesting mobile app ideas to develop. So, without further ado, here are some of the app development ideas that app developers should be considering.

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1. Mobile app for every home appliance

Right now, many home appliances come with their mobile app. TV sets, air conditioning units, refrigerators, and microwave ovens come with their own mobile app but the functions of these mobile apps can be upgraded by app developers. In addition to a physical manual, an e-manual should be included in the mobile app of these appliances. So, users can choose to use the physical manual or the e-manual.

In addition, if it is an appliance that requires routine maintenance checks, the app should also be able to alert the user whenever a maintenance check is due. Some people skip these checks because they don’t remember. Those people will love this function.

Just like how automobiles are scanned for the cause of any problem, this app should be used to scan for any possible problem with an appliance. For instance, if your air conditioning unit suddenly develops a problem you should be able to scan it with the use of the app. In providing solutions to any problem, app developers should ensure that the explanations on the app are easy for non-technicians to understand.

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So, if it is something you can handle yourself, go ahead. On the other hand, if it’s what you will require help for, you can hire an expert. Knowing where the problem lies will help to save the technician’s time and save you some cost too. The app should also keep track of the warranties on each appliance. By entering a code, all the existing warranties should be presented by the app. App developers should ensure that the app also informs users when any of the warranties expire.

2. Automobile app

Another idea is an automobile app that will come with every new app. The app should be able to alert the owner of the car whenever it’s being stolen so that he can deactivate it wherever he is. Once he deactivates the car, its engine should not start at all. That way, it will be impossible to drive the car away.

Even if the car is already in motion before the owner sees the alert, he should be able to deactivate the engine immediately. In that situation the engine will just go off while in motion and it will be impossible to restart it. The thief will eventually abandon the car wherever the engine stops working.

In addition, the mobile app of the car should also be able to list out all the warranties on the car. Whenever any of them expires, the app should send an alert. This will make it easier for the owner of the car to keep track of its warranties.

A chip can be installed in front and at the back of every car. The front chip can watch out for stationary vehicles or objects. Once the vehicle in front stops moving, it should make a sound to alert the driver so he can take off his leg from the pedal and begin to slow down.

The chip at the back will be used to monitor any car that is following the car. This is for security reasons. Whenever the chip detects that a particular car has been following your car for more than 5 straight minutes, it should make a warning sound before making a sentence like… “Please be careful, the red car with the number 1234536 has been following you for the past 5 minutes.

The chips should also be able to read road signs and prevent the driver from breaking traffic rule. For instance, if the car gets to a location where the speed limit is 70 MPH, it should prevent the driver from going beyond the speed limit.

It does not end there. The app should also be able to remind the owner whenever it is due for routine check. With both artificial intelligence and IoT technologies, app developers should be able to implement all the functions.

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3. Pet health app

There should be a mobile app that helps to diagnose animal health condition and also prescribe drugs for it. Every pet owner can download the app and whenever their pet has any ailment, they will only list out the symptoms of the ailment and the app will respond with the diagnosis in a matter of minutes. It can also be interactive. Just like how vet doctors ask several questions before they make their diagnosis. After that, the app should also list out all the suitable therapies and the dog owner can choose the one that is most convenient for him and his pet. In addition, the app should also be able to tell if your pet is getting too heavy for its health.

4. Universal Garage door app

Many garage door openers come with their mobile app but it will be a great idea to develop a universal garage door mobile app that works with all brands and models of garage door openers. This will help to eliminate the compatibility issues with the many garage door openers.

In conclusion, there are several great app development ideas. In fact, by combining artificial intelligence with Internet of Things, the kinds of mobile apps that can be developed are infinite.

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