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Everything You Need to Know About the New 4K TV


We all love having high-definition TV in our houses today. But little do we know about 4K tv. When we’re looking for new televisions to buy from the market, there are many televisions. But with the increasing demands of different TVs by different manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, and new 4k Tv pieces. There are many TVs to choose from but the best smart TV out of all remains 4k TV. 

What is 4k TV?

4k Tv is television named after 4000-pixel capacity. It’s four-time the normal pixel of 1080 P HDTV. They are way clearer than any normal television. People prefer the 4k TV because it has better visionary power and it’s really good in terms of colour, brightness, and volume too. It comes with special HDR features as well which makes it the best smart TV out of all. 

The service providers of the television give out 4k contents as well for the users to watch. These 4k content often need an internet connection to run on and stay at a stable connection. A maximum number of channels require at least 25mbps amount of internet. This can either be a broadband usage internet connection and even a wired connection to your TV. 

Service provides that aren’t compatible with 4k TV

Frontier TV



But the services that are compatible with 4k television are Google chrome ultra, Amazon fire, Xbox1, 4K Roku, Playstation 4 Pro. 

Features of 4k TV


4k TV is the best smart TV for many people due to its compatibility with HDR. Whenever you’re watching your favorite shows on 4K TV you get to see the upgraded version of the HDR. The content on upgraded 4k TV looks more colorful, defined, and vibrant than compare to other HDR TVs

The newest standard available in the market today is HDR 10+. 


This is a super cool feature of the 4k TV. most televisions have come up with this cool concept of LED lights which gives colourful effects to the screen’s brightness. The quality of the image enhances while using these LED lights over LCD lights. It also has another effect that enhances the image quality of the Television. 


The brightness level of the 4k TV ranges from extremely white brightness to extremely dark. This feature helps you in controlling brightness in the different screens of the section. Basically, giving you the control of controlling the brightness and changing the quality of the picture overall. This one feature also makes 4k the best smart TV for people. 


4k televisions use Organic Light-emitting diodes which are some of the best features of this television. This feature sets apart the 4k television from other TVs. These screens are better the image quality of the screen, helping eyes from the collision with the radiations. Staring into this screen will be less hectic than staring into other screens. The OELD screen has better contrast than the other television. 

If you want the best quality in image and if it’s your only main concern then 4k TV is the way to go! 


4k TV is the fastest when it comes to functionality. Its refresh time is much faster than any other television. The standardized times of each refreshing are 60 seconds that means 60 Hz. This superfast refreshment rate has added to the advantage of the quality content that gets streamed on this 4k TV. It provides all kinds of supports to the user. Users get to experience the best of the best in one place only. You’ll love 4k TV once you buy it.

Is HDR similar to the 4k Television?

HDR or High dynamic range is a range between 4k and ultra-HD. Both of these are the same concerning the clearer picture but slightly different on pixels. The pixels provided by the 4k are more than the pixels provided by the HDR. Both of them provide the slighter difference between both black and white colours and that’s all is the slightest difference.

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