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Enhance Your Free Video Conference with These Features


Free Video Conference

Are you looking for free video conference software that can transform the way your teams interact and operate? This article shares the features that you must take into consideration while choosing your next video conferencing software. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Video conferencing has turned out to be the core facet in the year 2020 and it will continue to do so in upcoming years. The collision of video conferencing software free and the opportunities it has to offer are incontestable. Organizations are making all the possible efforts to make tremendous strides in the workplace. Due to the increasing importance of video conferencing technologies, the providers like Prysm systems are launching extraordinary products keeping forthcoming trends into consideration.

In order to make your video conferences even more productive, here we are going to present you with some of the exceptional features that you must watch out for before choosing your next software. Let’s have a look:

Top Features You Must Look Out for In Video Conferencing Software

Group Framing/Auto Framing

With automatic framing, you can simply eliminate the requirement for manual framing. If there is no automatic framing, then there would be a lot of hassle to include everyone in the range of the camera. This adjustment takes too much time. So, when you are choosing a video conference software make sure it has a group/auto framing feature. It would automatically adjust the view of the camera if someone leaves or joins the conference.

Speaker Tracking

During the conferences, a lot of candidates get the opportunity to speak. But in virtual meetings, it can be tedious for the remote attendees to concentrate or observe the body language and emotions of the speaker. In order to overcome this challenge, you must look out for the software that comes with the speaker tracking feature. This advanced feature automatically zooms in on the person who is speaking. It would give live experience to the fullest.

Noise Block

Since everyone is working remotely from their homes, there can be a lot of distracting noises. The noise block feature will keep away those distracting noises like keyboard typing, shuffling of paper, and other kinds of distractions. The attendees won’t have to mute their moderators. This feature majorly detects the speaker and mutes the microphone of other attendees.

High-Definition Camera Resolution

With the advent of HD cameras and screens, even the free video conference software comes with HD resolutions to deliver a top-notch experience to the users. Therefore, you must choose the video conference system that comes with the feature of High-Definition Camera Resolution.

Seamless Integration with Other Video Conferencing Software

The organizations accommodate distinguishing VC solutions that comprise multiple technologies. So, to improve the range and access of different applications, “integration” can be an advantageous add-on that allows collaboration with a plethora of applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Webex, Polycom or Cisco, Skype for Business, calendar, etc.

Wired and Wireless Screen Sharing

This is possibly one of the most important features that companies need in a video conferencing system. The team members must have access to the feature that allows them to share their laptop or other-device screen using HDMI, Google Cast, or Apple AirPlay. This would make collaboration even simpler.

Whiteboard Camera System

This can be a useful feature if some team member wants to share the whiteboard drawings with other associates. This will be the advanced camera system that gets connected to the whiteboard that you own. The team members can seamlessly stream the live whiteboard content over video conferences. This would also provide them with the feature to download or snapshot all of the major highlights during the conference.

Ready to Transform Your Video Conference Experience?

Go for Prysm Go video conferencing software launched by Prysm systems. It comes with all the above-mentioned features and holds all the potential to transform your conference experience. The company is rendering free access to licensed customers. Know more about it at

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Prysm System is one of the most trusted companies in the industry that fundamentally deals with a wide spectrum of corporate services including conferencing systems, product development, LPD displays, and so on. If you feel, it’s time to upgrade and digitize your manual conferencing systems, then look no further and visit the website today!

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