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The Role of LPD Display Ineffective Security Operation Center


Role of LPD Display

Wondering why your security and network operations center should be updated with LPD wall display? If Yes, then you are at the right post. Learn how LPD wall displays contribute to making your experience center both effective and efficient.

An effective security center whether it is a network operation center or security operations center plays a crucial role in protecting the organization from inside out. Every year organizations invest thousands of dollars in Network Operations Center (NOC), and security operations center (SOC) hoping they would be able to protect the organizations from unwanted snoopers both virtually and physically.

In the critical time when the organization is under threat, every second is valuable and one cannot risk running between multiple tables to observe every piece of information. Therefore, it is crucial to install LPD wall displays in the operation centers to observe the situation, visualizing all the information.

Choosing the right plan of action to protect what is valuable. Moreover, if you still want to start from scratch to learn how smart LPD displays make your Network and security operations center effective, then you are at the right post.

Begin with the basics

Right before learning what makes wall displays an important element of your network and security operation center, you need to learn what they are or how they serve the organization.

What is a network operations center?

A network operation center is a special place in an organization where the organization and its staff monitor and manage the database, firewalls, networks, and other external services around the clock. As the network is like the lifeline of the company, they want to protect it at any cost. In most cases, the network operations center is the first line of defense against a cyber breach.

What is a security operations center?

Similar to the NOC, the security operations center is the centralized location in the organization where the team of professionals monitors and manages the security posture of the organization. They constantly analyze the servers and networks to identity, investigate and resolve threats.

A thin line that separates the network operations center from the security operations center is the fact that they look after the optimal network performance along with protecting it. 

What is a security operations center?

Role of video wall displays in SOC and NOC

The high-quality wall displays can turn out to be an effective tool for both network and security operations centers. Prysm System- one of the leading LPD display solution providers in the industry offers a customer experience centers that delivers unforgettable impressions. With their display services, the team of professionals at the operations center can associate executive decision-making with their process.

Through their immersive demonstration of data sets, graphs, charts, and videos on the LPD 4K screen powered by Prysm systems you can bring the big picture live. On the top, implementing the big screen in the experience center will enable the professionals to observe the situation in detail and come with the action- if necessary.

The video displays come in different sizes and shapes. However, as they play a key role in identifying, analyzing, and answering the threat, it is compulsory to choose the right display options that meet the overall requirements.

Why choose Prysm to upgrade your network and security operations center?

In the era of digitalization where hackers are one loophole away from breaking into the system, security operations certainly need both front-end and back-end wall technology to take critical decisions in less time. Working with Prysm Systems when it comes to choosing an LPD video walls display for a network operations center will not only help to find the right display solution that will not only worth the investment but also make your NOC/ SOC effective and efficient. Feel free to visit today to learn more!


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