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Simple iPhone Camera Accessories for Photographers


iPhone Camera Accessories for Photographers

As the famous story says, there were three ‘Apples’ that changed the world! The one in the bible, the second that helped discover gravity, and the third developed by Steve. Today, iPhones have changed the entire landscape of the smartphone industry.

With reliable hardware and exceptional cameras, Apple’s custom UI has been a significant game-changer for the brand. From its introduction with iPhone to the latest iPhone 12 Pro, the cameras have come a long way from shooting still images to a feature-length video of the finest quality.

Interestingly, for many, the iPhone is a ‘camera’ that also makes calls. With the advancements over its camera, similar third-party gadgets have also been designed to improve your iPhoneography. From lenses to microphones & gimbals, the right accessories help you access the best results.

However, with iPhones becoming an essential tool for professional photographers, the cost of its repairs and the phone’s overall price has also made a remarkable hike over time. Interestingly, today, buyers can protect themselves over such costly repairs and loss of their devices with relevant iPhone insurance provided by different insurers across the industry.

Now that you have your device covered over damage & theft, let’s have a look at some simple accessories for iPhone photographers.

Simple iPhone Camera Accessories for Photographers

1. Remote Shutter Release

The remote release is a practical accessory that allows you to click better long-exposure format images. When you use a remote shutter release, you have improved chances of controlling the time durations while taking a shot as it eliminates the need to click pictures, limited by self-timer. This way, you can easily snap images with the poses that you want and when you are ready.

2. External Lenses

Using external lenses is one of the best ways to enhance your photography experience as it is the link that bridges the gap between mobile and DSLR photography. These add-out lenses help improve the lenses’ focus and bring out the best shots from your device. One of the most popular accessories that you can have on your toolkit, these lenses are easy to attach, carry and maintain.

3. Mobile Wireless Storage Drives

This accessory might come in handy if you are one of those professionals that usually go out on days of shoot. Now, when you plan to click a lot of shots over a short span of time, the chances are that your device might run out of space, sooner than you expected. Carrying an external storage device might come in handy in such a situation. These flash-based memory drives allow you to easily upload all your pictures and videos without moving them to the iCloud or any other hardware device. This way, the wireless storage devices for smartphones allow you to go for days of the shoot without worrying about your storage.

4. External Light Source

While the iPhone’s camera setup might be great for low-light photography, the flashlight fails to do justice to the images at times. Using an external light source is the best possible option for your device. Besides adding a better quality of exposure to your pictures, the use of an external light source adds to the ‘flexibility’ element of your iPhone photography.

When you decide to buy a dedicated external light source, you can improvise with the light source’s angle. Further, with power levels that can be easily adjusted at your fingertips, you can provide an even exposure throughout your images.

5. Tripod

Today, Tripods are one of the most common accessories that professional iPhone photographers can use. One of the most useful tools in your kit is a tripod that allows you to provide your images with self-portraits and long exposures. The abundance of tripods in the market might confuse you with the ideal option to go with. However, here’s a tip: if you want to select a tripod that is ideal for your wish smartphone photography, you should always consider the option of going with a small, lightweight tripod that can be easily packed with your other accessories.


With these simple yet effective iPhone camera accessories, you don’t need to carry extensive pieces of equipment for your photography. However, with the transition of its cameras, the cost of affording an iPhone has also increased over time, the loss of which might come as a shock to the users.

Wonder how you could save yourself over a pocket pinch of that size?

The answer is simple, opt for cellphone insurance, when you purchase an iPhone or any other smartphone. This way, you are backed by your insurer over the loss or damage of the device.


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