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Email Triggers Can Multiply Your Email Marketing Outcomes


Email Marketing Outcomes

If you are only using email to welcome new customers and advertising seasonal promotions, then it’s time to for an upgrade. Email is one of the best marketing techniques, even in today’s day and age. According to Forbes, the ROI of email marketing is 122 percent.

Potential clients who have expressed interest in your product or service can receive triggered emails for specific products and services. We use the term triggered because as soon as a potential client expresses interest in a particular product, they will receive the email without any direct human involvement. You can predefine the contents of each email based on your service or product.

Techniques to Apply in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very prominent technique used by organizations to promote their products and services. It is one of the most effective and economical methods to accrue a product or service, fan base. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. There is a whole lot more effort, which goes into a successful email campaign.

You need to brush your teeth every day to see the outcome when you are past your teens. Similarly, you need to persevere in pursuing an email marketing campaign. You cannot start an email marketing campaign today in call it quits after two months. All this advice will be meaningless if it is not applied continuously to the email marketing campaign.

Focus on User Interests

Small and medium businesses will have a good idea of market trends and their customer’s demands. The email content needs to highlight on user’s interests and set the automated triggers in place. Avoid using unnecessary jargon which might confuse the reader. Design a subject which is in tune to customer’s interests.

Try using a content writing tool such as Academist Help to ensure that your content is entirely market relevant. Customer trends change from time to time, and it is necessary that organizations keep themselves up to date with current market patterns. Conduct occasional user surveys and questionnaires to make sure that your company is in tune with user interests.

Cross-Sell Products

Email marketing gives you the ultimate opportunity to cross-sell products. We know that tech support adds value, but customer reviews also play an essential role in cross-selling products. Possible clients are increasingly curious to hear what your customers have to say about your product.

Share any positive feedback you have received for any one of your interrelated products. It is vital that you share the comments at the same time without maintaining any bit of suspense in your product or service. This experience will make it easier to redirect the customer to your homepage to close the sale.

Up-Sell Products

Large organizations with an exceedingly famous reputation achieve this very ingeniously. Large organizations bank on their influence as well their product line to get the customer to pay more than they initially intended.

The objective here is to first identify the consumer’s interest in one of your products or services. Once that interest is determined, lure the customer on to your company website or homepage. With the help of the right chatbots and some fantastic graphics and presentation on their website, companies can get users to purchase a more expensive and higher quality product.

Announce Back in Store & Best Selling Products

Small and medium organizations may not be able to deliver a best-selling product each time, but there is always that one product which is a super hit. Some consumers have only heard rumors about that product because it is no longer in store. Use this product to bait potential customers back to your homepage.

Once customers are back on your page, show them the better, new, and improved version of that product. The prices and features can be different. Give them the option to purchase both versions of the product.

Announce Special & Season’s Discounts

Do you want to buy a gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve? This is the time when the most captivating subject lines will come in most handy. The subject line is the key to getting the user to open the email. Craft the subject line with a bit of suspense to ensure that the reader will open the email.

Make sure that you do your research and follow up on your competitor’s prices and products. Associate a best-selling product with a not so best-selling product. Sell the combination at a price the consumer thinks that they are getting good value for money.

Win Back Unsatisfied Customers

The problem with unsatisfied customers is that they complain and in the end, take their business somewhere else. They can become the source of bad publicity for your company. For the company, the damage is worse because the cost of acquiring new customers is five to twelve times in comparison to retaining prior customers.

The best way to win back unsatisfied customers is to offer them a discount. This should be done methodically. Do not tell them that your prices have gone down. A dissatisfied customer might easily associate this with a drop in quality. Tell them that this is an exclusive discount offer since they were a loyal customer at some point in time.

Establishing a Passionate Following

To become a well-known brand, a company must establish a passionate following for its product or service. One of the best ways to develop a faithful following for your product is to design a company logo. Use the company in all of your emails. It will take time to build brand recognition, but it will happen.

Who does not recognize the Nike swoosh symbol or the Mercedes Benz Tri-Star logo? It takes time to develop this level of brand recognition. Your company logo can even evolve. Take a look at how some of these famous logos began and their current design.

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