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8 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Guest Posting


Guest posting is an exceptional way for businesses to create recognition and build brand reputation. However, despite the fact that it is so beneficial in terms of marketing, a lot of businesses still can’t exploit guest posting to its fullest. All of these businesses are making some common mistakes, that is choosing the wrong service to devise a useless strategy. The best way to make sure that you get the most value for money is to hire reputable Guest Posting Writing Services from Globex Outreach. On the other hand, if you plan on doing things on your own, here is a complete rundown of the most common mistakes businesses make when doing guest posting so that you can avoid them.

Writing Directly About Their Business

The very first and the most common mistake that a lot of businesses make when devising a guest posting strategy is to start with the wrong goals in mind. While the purpose of guest posting is to get more traffic and recognition towards your business, the key is to do as much of it as possible without making it obvious. If you write directly about your business, it will give a promotional feel to your content, which is going to make the readers go away rather than feel interested.

As I have mentioned before, the purpose of writing guest posts is to improve the inbound traffic of your website. The best way to do that is by including a few links that direct the user onto your website. If you don’t include a link in your content piece, the readers are going to find it very hard to read more about what you have to say. So, you should find publishers that allow you to link your articles and use that opportunity to gain very stable and relevant traffic for your website.

Failure to Do Proper Research

The reason why a guest posting campaign is so easy yet so hard to launch is because of the fact that there are so many levels to achieve. If the sole purpose of your guest posting campaign is to write as many articles as possible, you are going to find a lot of cheap writers to do that for you. However, if you want to benefit from the true essence of guest posting, you will have to hire quality content marketers who not only know how to write proper content but how to sell it.

Neglecting the Outline of the Guest Post

A very key tip that goes in line with any guest post you are going to produce is that there is a special way to exploit its true benefits. Most of the guest posts you see on the internet are rather long, as it is a major requirement for SEO. With most guest posts being north of five hundred words, you often wonder if people are going to read all of it. If you want your audience to be hooked on the content, you will have to reel them in, and the outline is the best way to do so. You should make the outline as clear as possible so that your content is scannable and the audience knows whether they want to read it or not.

Forgetting Call to Actions or Any Offers

While your guest posts should not sound promotional at all, you need some return from it as you are spending money on it. From a marketing perspective, guest posting holds unparalleled importance as it presents so many opportunities. To get the most out of your guest posting efforts, you need to be a tad vigilant and temp the users to buy from you. Call to actions come in very handy as you can direct the reader to perform an action after you have impressed him with words. Another way to generate leads from your guest post is to use your author bio and include a free offer in it so that readers are tempted to buy from you.

Writing for Poor Quality Websites

Many businesses continue their guest posting campaigns thinking that all traffic is equal. While the proposition of posting your guest posts on a website that is going to offer you high-traffic is very attractive, you have to make sure that you also consider the quality and relevance of the traffic that the website is offering you. When you are running a business, you have to think about the future. A small, loyal audience base is always better than getting in business with a large website that isn’t going to offer you quality. So, make sure that you only choose the best publishing websites to get the most out of your guest posting efforts.

Having Poor Content on Your Own Website

Generating traffic from your guest post is a great way to earn traffic; however, if your own website doesn’t have good content, it isn’t going to work very well for you. If you are spending a considerable amount of money on your guest posting campaigns, you should pay some attention to the content of your own website. Even if you are able to drive people to your website through your guest posts, they won’t be much impressed with what they have to see. You can also include a special blog section on your website where you post high-quality links so that your readers have something to look forward to.

Focusing on Publishing Rather Than Relationships

Last but not least, a very important thing that all businesses should remember is to focus on building long term relationships rather than posting one-off posts on publishing websites. You should work based on a proper strategy that inclines you to develop long term partnerships with bloggers. Once you have created a list of quality publishers, you should treat them with respect and make sure that you communicate with them properly so that they know you care about them. Once you have started a line of communication with a blogger, you should treat him as if you are going to establish a relationship with him.


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