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Easy Ways to Recover Data from Broken iPhone


Accidents are sudden and bring a lot of trouble to a person’s life! 

And it becomes worse when such events arise in your most cherished personal gadget like the iPhone. A sudden fall from a pocket on the ground, or in water, or smashed the screen leading to a broken iPhone. 

What now?

This could be a heart-in-mouth moment because you have fear of losing your valuable information from your broken iPhone. 

Easy Ways to Recover Data from Broken iPhone

Indeed, iPhone devices have become vital parts of people’s lives. They use them for storing the most important data, such as notes, contacts, calendar entries, text messages, photos, and videos.  However, when you encounter a broken iPhone problem, the main question that arrives first in mind’s – how to get data back from a damaged iPhone. A broken iPhone might make it hard for you to recover all the precious memories.

So, is there any chance to retrieve photos from a dead iPhone?

Fortunately, it’s possible!

Thousands of companies are offering data recovery and phone repair services that assist their customers and lessen the inconvenience from their lives. Do you want the same?

In the following write-up, we’ll mention a detailed guide on how to recover data from a broken iPhone. If you’re also experiencing the same issue, just read on.

Methods to Recover Data from Broken iPhone

  • Restore Data From your iTunes Backup File

In case, if you’re constantly syncing your iPhone with iTunes and all your essential data is stored in iTunes, congratulations, you’re at a safe place. All you have to do is to restore the data from iTunes. There are multiple options for extracting data from iTunes – using third-party software or fetching information through another iOS device. In both ways, you have a chance to get access to your broken iPhone’s data. 

By simply resetting your iOS device and choosing the Restore from iTunes Backup, it becomes easy to retrieve all contents on your iPhone. Additionally, there are multiple software and tools in the market, which enables you to get your precious files back from the backup. Having third-party backup software assists you in retrieving files from iTunes.

  • Get Data Back from Your iCloud Backup

Are you an iCloud user who usually backs up your data? Great! It means you already have stored your data in a safe place. For restoring it, all you require is another iOS device. Hence, you can successfully revive your data and access it freely.

So, connect your iOS device to the Internet and log in to your account for accessing the required files. iCloud stores the information, such as messages, pictures, videos and call details, which allows you to retrieve them if your iPhone got damaged. By choosing the Restore option from iCloud Backup, it’s quite possible to bring your lost data back within a limited time frame. And, you’ll get access to all the data.

  • Recover Data Through Software

If you didn’t make any backup with iTunes or iCloud, a data recovery software solution is an excellent choice for you. Various third-party manufacturers are offering numerous tools and software that supports recovering the data you require selectively. Such a reliable data recovery tool assists the users with an adequate solution when it comes to getting data back from backups or from the iPhone directly. So, download the software on your computer and connect your broken iPhone to a computer through a USB cable. Now, start scanning your iPhone and click the OK button further to select the data you want to restore. Now, clock on Restore for recovering your data. 

  • Turn to Official Apple Store’s Professionals

If previously mentioned points fail to provide any particular solution or your device is severely damaged, it’s time to visit the nearest Apple store. Such stores are fully-fledged with experienced and reputable professionals who have complete knowledge of data recovery techniques and tricks. They perform the diagnostic tests and apply the suitable recovery option accordingly. Additionally, they also ensure you get your data back. However, while looking for a professional team, consider parameters, such as experience, reviews, price, reputation, and other aspects to assure on quality data recovery services

Wrapping Up!

Know yourself with these simple methods – how to restore your important files from a broken iPhone.

Following the necessary precautionary steps will prevent you from dropping or getting damaged. Additionally, you also have to multiple copies or take backup of data for preventing yourself from unforeseen situations. This won’t only ensure your data is promptly available even in the worst-case circumstance but also lessen your maximum of worries.

If there are no backups from iTunes or iCloud, you can use broken iPhone data recovery software or take assistance from professionals to regain your important data. 

Things become more safe and secure if you consider taking professional help. For example, hiring a specialist of iPhone Repair in Singapore means obtaining guarantees over reliable services. So, as mentioned above, look for those experts who are experienced and believe in offering quality solutions. 

In the end, every way is practical, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your necessities.


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