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How to get an international phone number easily


International phone number is a crucial asset to have when expanding your business to other countries. It assists you to create a local presence of your business in the international market.

However, the thought of getting an international phone number always has a question mark because of its heavy costs. Well, the good news is you don’t have to worry about the cost anymore, thanks to the cloud-based business phone systems.

The shift of business phone systems to the cloud has made international phone numbers about 70% cheaper than your traditional phone system. The fact that no international calling charges are applied for phone calls makes it even cheaper.

An international phone number offered by a cloud-based business phone system is also known virtual phone number. It isn’t tethered to a phone line or a fixed device. Business phone system routes inbound and outbound calls made from this number via the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Getting an international phone number is a very simple process. It doesn’t take your whole day to choose one for your business. Now let us guide you through 6 steps to get an international phone number.

Follow 6 simple steps to get an international phone number

While looking at an international phone number, you have to consider many important points. These points are broken down into the following 6 simple steps for you to easily and quickly understand what you need to do to get your hands on the numbers.

Step 1: Choose a cloud-based business phone system

A cloud-based business phone system uses VoIP technology to make inbound calls and outbound calls via the internet. As long as your devices have an internet connection, you have access to all its VoIP services.

Choosing a business phone system is a tall order. You will find hundreds of them in every corner of the telephony market. That’s why you have to be cautious in selecting one that suits you and your business. It means you need to do proper research about them.

While researching about a business phone system, you need to look for the given things:

  1. Public review
  2. Features and services
  3. Customer care service
  4. User interface (UI)
  5. Subscription plans

This simple research will reward you with a phone that provides seamless business communications, advanced features, and good call quality. The growth of your business depends on the performance of the phone. So, choose a top business phone system to support your business. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1.     KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the best cloud telephony platforms for saving money while getting advanced features. It is an all-in-one cloud phone platform that allows you to centralize all of your corporate communications solutions. It offers international phone numbers of 100+ countries.

The best feature of KrispCall is the all-in-one unified callbox. Your contacts, call history, messages, and workspaces are all accessible from a single dashboard without switching apps. It is well-known for integrating Cloud Telephony with CRM and sales automation tools.

2.     RingCentral

RingCentral‘s cloud phone services can assist you in achieving your company goals. Its unified communications strategy provides solutions to businesses of all sizes. It offers a dependable and simple-to-use dashboard. It provides low-cost communication and collaboration solutions for businesses.

RingCentral can help you centralize all of your data and optimize your sales processes. It oversees the system’s role-based access control and assigns permissions to users. It offers a RingOut feature that lets you make calls with only one touch.

3.     8×8

8×8 is a simple phone solution for small enterprises and entrepreneurs. You can design any corporate feature for your employees using 8×8. It makes managing administrative interfaces a breeze thanks to its Easy administration capabilities. It’s famous for delivering high-level security for businesses. It allows you to configure permissions using Role-Based Access Controls.

Since it removes the need for PBX maintenance and upgrades, you can save a lot of money. You can also get an extra extension for new employees at a minimal cost. It is a fantastic platform for you to utilize. Despite the fact that it has fewer features than most providers, it still provides the most significant ones.

Step 2: Select a country

Every business phone system provides international phone numbers of various countries. Some offer less, and some offer more. In the end, it depends on which country’s phone number you want.

Not only country but some VoIP service providers allow you to choose a number for a particular city of a country. This is the first step for you to plant a local presence of your company in that city.

Note that it is better to choose a business phone system that offers you phone numbers from more countries because it will be easier to get a new international number if you ever want to expand your business to more countries. But if your system doesn’t list the country you desire in the future, then it will be frustrating to shift platforms.

Step 3: Choose a phone number type

A business phone service will offer you more than one type of phone number. When it comes to running a business, selecting the appropriate type of number is crucial in determining how your target audience will picture your company. There are various types of phone numbers available in the market. Here are some of them:

1.     Toll-free number

The very first thing to remember about a Toll-free number is that it does not impose any call charges on callers. A toll-free number starts with an 800, 888, or other toll-free code. Anyone who dials this number from a landline can make free phone calls.

This is a fantastic technique to increase your chances of converting a potential customer into a paying customer. However, you must pay for both incoming and outgoing calls, which is a modest price to pay for the opportunity to expand your company.

2.     Local number

A local phone number’s main aim is to aid you to localize your business. It begins with an area code for a specific region, state, or city. This number establishes your company’s foothold in that location.

It has a direct impact on how your business is advertised in that market. Locals appear to prefer to support their local businesses. As a result, having a local phone number will encourage potential clients from the area to contact you.

3.     Mobile number

You can obtain a virtual phone number that resembles a mobile phone number. A mobile network, in general, registers a phone number. It functions as a personal phone number that you may carry with you wherever you go.

A VoIP service provider can provide you a mobile phone number. This gives the impression that your customer is calling you directly on your personal phone line.

4.     National number

The business phone system offers the national phone number of the country you selected. This number can be dialed from anywhere within that country at a local cost.

If you want to conduct your business within the country, then it is a good idea to get a national phone number. This gives your company a national footprint in that country and boosts its reputation.

Step 4: Choose an international phone number

Now that you know about the types of phone numbers that you can get for your business. The next step for you is to choose a phone number.

A phone number is not just a combination of digits. It reflects your brand’s personality. While choosing a number, it should fit the tone of your business. A good phone number grows the value of your company. There are different ways to choose a business phone number. They are:

1.     Filter from the given list of phone numbers

A business phone system gives you a list of phone numbers to choose from. You can go through the list and pick the phone number you like. Some systems allow you to filter the list from the settings. Make sure the sequence of the phone number you pick sounds catchy.

2.     Create a custom international phone number

If you want to make your own phone number then it is totally possible. You can contact the sales team of the business phone system provider to query for the number you want. Simple.

When making your custom phone number, you should make sure the sequence of the number is easy to remember. Some businesses use a special number.

If your business has one, then try to include it in your custom phone number. However, if you are still having trouble, then you can always consult your service provider’s sales team.

3.     Use your existing phone number

If your company already has a phone number, then we recommend you to use that number. Changing your phone number is both expensive and risky.

You’ll have to spend a lot of money on reprinting your documents, pamphlets, and signboards for changing the number. Furthermore, if your current customers do not acquire your new phone number, you risk losing them.

Business phone systems have a feature called number porting, which allows you to shift your existing phone number to their network.

Step 5: Select a subscription plan

Different business phone systems offer different kinds of subscriptions plans. As we have mentioned earlier, you need to research the subscription plan offered by them. You should decide whether the international phone number you choose is for the long-term or short term.

If you want your number for the short term, then it is better to subscribe to a monthly payment. But if you want to go a long way with the number, then the annual payment would be cheap.

Each subscription plan lists different benefits and services it bundles in that plan. So pick a plan that will benefit your business goals financially and strategically.

Step 6: Purchase your international phone number

The final thing left for you to do is purchase the international phone number and enjoy its services to grow your business internationally. Business phone systems allow you to pay from your Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, or other payment methods. You can easily buy more than one phone number and credit hours to make your business phone calls.


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