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Becoming A Better Gamer: 10 Actionable Tips You Need To Follow



You like playing games in your free time.

That is all the reason you need to try and become a better gamer. Not to mention playing your favorite games like a pro is the best way to get the most out of your gaming PC.

In this article, we have collated ten actionable tips you can implement right now to become a better gamer. Ready, set, go!

Use the right equipment

A carpenter cannot produce the best furniture without the best tools. You need to ensure that you have the right gaming PC/console to improve your chances of becoming better.

A lot of gamers struggle with latency. Latency is the time delay between your actions on the input devices and their effect on the game. Poor internet connection is the most common reason in the case of online gaming. Make sure your connection is fast, secure, and reliable. If there are too many devices connected to the same network, disconnect them.

Another reason for the lag is not using wired input devices. Although wireless devices add to comfort, your latency will substantially drop with wired keyboard, mouse, joystick, and headphones. Just making these simple modifications will give you a great advantage against your opponents. Furthermore, make sure you regularly clean your PC, clean cache files, and defrag the drives.

Play games you actually enjoy

Ever heard the quote, “if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life”? It is also applicable for gaming as well. There are a lot of games for PCs, consoles, and other devices that you can choose from. Watch the trailers and read the reviews before buying a game.

A lot of gamers just choose the most popular games because they want to jump into the discussion. Many others do the same because their friends insisted. The truth is everyone has different opinions when it comes to games and you need to formulate your own.

With that being said, you should also enjoy the exploratory phase. Try out different games before deciding on a favorite.

Put in the time

You have to clock in the hours playing the game to get better at it. Make a schedule and play the games regularly. Patience is key. If you struggle with making time, try cutting time from other leisurely activities, such as browsing social media or checking out the new Netflix specials. Playing games at a specific time regularly will improve your focus as you will automatically get in the zone.

Of course, you must not ignore your other responsibilities while prioritizing gaming. There is no perfect amount of hours that you can put in before you become a pro. It depends on your focus, interest, and skillset.

Try competitive matches

Nothing else will help you improve your gaming skills faster than the competition. Try to rise through the ranks in the global leaderboard by giving your absolute best. No matter what online game you play, there are competitions going on all the time. Sign up for them. Apart from good practice and great lessons, it will give you a reality check that will help you gauge your skills.

Playing team games like COD, or PUBG will also help you develop additional gaming skills like collaboration and communication.

Learn from the pros

Thanks to the internet and various streaming platforms for gamers, it is fairly easy to see pro gamers work on their craft. There are hours of gameplay available on YouTube and Twitch that you can watch for free. Watch them and take notes.

A lot of gamers also give a lot of friendly tips that are easy to follow and hacks that are easy to replicate. Watching those videos will give you a lot of advantages. The best part is you can watch the pros in action while doing anything else.

Watch your own replays

If you don’t already record your own gameplay, start doing it now. While watching your own gameplay you will notice additional details that you might have missed while playing the game. Many gamers had epiphanies regarding their strategy or overall methodology while watching their own gameplays. Finer details like cursor movements, character control, and surroundings appear in more detail through which you can learn more.

The best part is recording your gameplay and watching them will give you an estimation of your actual progress.

Tutor someone new

By taking advantage of the protégé effect, you can become better at your favorite game by teaching a noob. Depending on how long you have been playing a game, you can share your wisdom with new gamers. There are two positives out of this endeavor. First, you will remember some of your own lessons and apply them even better. Second, you might learn something from a noob as well.

Set realistic goals

If you truly wish to become a better gamer, you have to set quantifiable and measurable goals. Of course, overestimating yourself could end up in disappointment, and underestimating might stop you from pushing yourself. Watching pros, yourself, and other competitors will help you set goals that you can achieve.

Improve your physique

According to a study by Stakester, male and female gamers burn about 420 and 472 calories during a two hours gaming session. It is important for gamers to maintain a good physique as gaming takes a toll.

Exercising and playing sports will also improve your endurance, focus, muscle control, and reflexes. All of those are absolutely essential if you want to become a better gamer.

Control your emotions

Gaming could sometimes get emotional. Countless headphones, controllers, joysticks, and accessories have been broken after a match goes awry. During the course of the game itself, this will affect your decision-making abilities and give your opponents a massive advantage. For example, some gamers get affected by trash-talking and end up losing the game while others remain undeterred.

While you cannot control others, you can make your mindset strong. Practices like meditation, and taking a walk will immensely improve your psyche. This will translate into calmness and control while you continually increase your winning streak.

Wrapping up

Becoming a better gamer is easy if you follow the ten actionable steps above. Don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Being a better gamer is a journey and we all start from somewhere.

Happy gaming!

Author Bio.

Carl Torrence is a Content Marketer at Marketing Digest. His core expertise lies in developing data-driven content for brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies. In his free time, he enjoys binge-watching time-travel movies and listening to Linkin Park and Coldplay albums.


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